Mangalgarh, Bhopal

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Mangalgarh is located in Madhya Pradesh
Mangalgarh is located in India
Coordinates: 23°25′N 77°41′E / 23.417°N 77.683°E / 23.417; 77.683Coordinates: 23°25′N 77°41′E / 23.417°N 77.683°E / 23.417; 77.683
StateMadhya Pradesh
 • Total810
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
ISO 3166 codeMP-IN

Mangalgarh is a panchayat village in the Berasia tehsil of Bhopal district, Madhya Pradesh, India.[1]


Mangalgarh was a small Rajput principality in the 17th century, ruled by Raja Anand Singh Solanki. The Pathan mercenary Dost Mohammad Khantook services under Thakur Anand Singh Solanki Mangalgarh.The Thakur was oblidged to proceed to Delhi,leaving his estate in charge of his mother and Dost Mohammad.The Thakur Died in Delhi and his mother's death followed soon. After the Rajas's and his mother's death,Earlier Rani appointed him the mukhtar (guardian) of Mangalgarh, around 1708. Dost was tasked with protecting the dowager Rani (queen) and her estate. When the Rajput neighbours of Mangalgarh, led by the Thakur of Parason (now a village in Berasia tehsil), formed an alliance to counter the growing power of the Rani of Mangalgarh, Dost Mohammad Khan defeated them. During his service at Mangalgarh, Dost married a Rajput girl from the Mangalgarh royal family, who later converted to Islam and adopted the name Fatah Bibi (also spelled Fateh Bibi). After the heirless Rani's death, he usurped the principality, which later became the part of his Bhopal State. [2]


According to the 2011 census of India, Mangalgarh has 180 households. The effective literacy rate (i.e. the literacy rate of population excluding children aged 6 and below) is 61.58%.[3]

Demographics (2011 Census)[3]
Total Male Female
Population 810 403 407
Children aged below 6 years 128 66 62
Scheduled caste 136 66 70
Scheduled tribe 172 92 80
Literates 420 246 174
Workers (all) 352 208 144
Main workers (total) 348 207 141
Main workers: Cultivators 55 43 12
Main workers: Agricultural labourers 253 135 118
Main workers: Household industry workers 5 3 2
Main workers: Other 35 26 9
Marginal workers (total) 4 1 3
Marginal workers: Cultivators 0 0 0
Marginal workers: Agricultural labourers 3 1 2
Marginal workers: Household industry workers 0 0 0
Marginal workers: Others 1 0 1
Non-workers 458 195 263


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