Mangalore railway station

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Site of Mangalore station.jpg
Looking north towards the junction of the two lines and the former station
Line(s) North East
Platforms 2
Tracks 2
Other information
Status Closed
Opened 20 November 1872
Closed 4 October 1981

Mangalore is a closed station located in the township of Mangalore, at the junction of the North East and Goulburn Valley railway lines in Victoria, Australia. The station was one of 35 closed to passenger traffic on 4 October 1981 as part of the New Deal timetable for country passengers.[1] The former station building was moved from the site, and currently sits in a yard on the way into nearby Avenel.

The station was located on a triangular wedge between the two lines, and was once the end of the double track from Melbourne. The signal box at the station was closed in 1989 when the junction of the North East and Goulburn Valley lines was moved to Seymour, and the two lines worked independently.[2]


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Coordinates: 36°56′09″S 145°10′36″E / 36.93583°S 145.17667°E / -36.93583; 145.17667