Mange Makers

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Mange Makers
Origin Stockholm, Sweden
Genres Techno
Years active 2011 (2011)–present
Labels Universal Music[1]
Members Didrik Rastbäck
Max Christensson
Max Henriksson
Past members Peter Balazs (Bacall)
music producer 2011-2014

Mange Makers is a Swedish group composed of Peter Balazs (Bacall) as video & music producer 2011-2014, Max Christensson as dancer, Max Henriksson as beatbox and Didrik Rastbäck as vocals.

The group gained great popularity after releasing their song "Fest hos mange" on YouTube[2] in 2011, reaching 9 million views and topping the iTunes chart.[3] It was eventually released as a single in Sweden reaching #9 in Sverigetopplistan, the official Swedish Singles Chart.[4] Their Christmas adaptation called "Jul hos mange" also charted in the Sverigetopplistan.

It first started as a fun thing, because they were going to a party at their friend "Mange" 's house and they thought that they wanted to do a video as well. They called it "Fest hos Mange"[5] and it came as a surprise when they saw that they'd got 1 million views on the video in two days. They remade a Christmas version calling it "Jul hos Mange".

Their next single was "Mange Bjuder"[6] which became a big hit instantly. It took a while to come up with their latest song "Drick Den".[7]

They have said that the songs they will come up with next is not going to be so much about "Mange" as the first ones. The group have not revealed who Mange really is, for desire of Mange to remain anonymous for now.



List of singles as lead artist
Year Title Peak
2011 "Fest hos mange" 9
"Jul hos mange" 26
"Mange bjuder" 2
2012 "Drick den" 9
2013 "Mange för en dag" 60
"Inte en krona" 47
2014 "Vakna"
2015 "Mange kommer hem till dig"
2016 "Bättre förr"

Music videos[edit]

List of music videos as lead artist and directors
Year Title Director(s) Ref.
2011 "Fest hos mange" Unknown [9]
2011 "Mange bjuder" Unknown [10]
2012 "Drick den" Unknown [11]
2012 "Mange för en dag" Unknown [12]
2013 "Inte en krona" Unknown [13]
2014 "Vakna" Unknown [14]
2015 "Mange kommer hem till dig" Unknown [15]
2016 "Bättre förr" Unknown [16]


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