Mangere Bridge, New Zealand

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This article is about the suburb. For the bridge itself, see Mangere Bridge (bridges).
Mangere Bridge
Western Mangere Bridge From Mountain.jpg
Western part of the suburb seen from Mangere Domain.
Basic information
Local authority Auckland Council
Population 5,547 (2006[1])
North (Manukau Harbour)
Northeast (Mangere Inlet)
East Favona
Southeast Favona
South Mangere
Southwest (Manukau Harbour)
West (Manukau Harbour)
Northwest (Manukau Harbour)
The Mangere Bridge suburb to the lower left, as well as the Mangere Bridge(s) in the background.

Mangere Bridge is an Auckland suburb under the local governance of the Auckland Council, at the south end of Mangere's bridge over the Manukau Harbour.

It is home to Mangere Mountain and the Ambury Farm Park run by the Auckland Council, and backs onto rural land surrounding the Auckland Airport.[2]

It is a multicultural area, often with large families, with the suburb dominated by brick-and-tile homes built in the 1960s-1970s.[2]

Association football[edit]

Mangere Bridge is home to Onehunga-Mangere United football club.


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