Mangerton Mountain

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an Mhangarta
Devil's Punchbowl 1.jpg
Looking down into Glencappul
Elevation 839 m (2,753 ft)[1]
Prominence 584 m (1,916 ft)[1]
Listing Hewitt, Marilyn
Mangerton is located in island of Ireland
Location in Ireland
Location County Kerry, Republic of Ireland
Range Mangerton Mountains
OSI/OSNI grid V980807
Coordinates 51°58′13″N 9°29′04″W / 51.970308°N 9.484395°W / 51.970308; -9.484395Coordinates: 51°58′13″N 9°29′04″W / 51.970308°N 9.484395°W / 51.970308; -9.484395
Topo map OSi Discovery 78

Mangerton or Mangerton Mountain (Irish: an Mhangarta)[2] is a mountain in County Kerry, Republic of Ireland. At a height of 839 m (2,753 ft) it is the tallest of the Mangerton range and 25th tallest in Ireland.[1] Its western slope lies within Killarney National Park.


Mangerton is part of a massif that also includes the summits of Mangerton North Top (782 m), Glencappul Top (700 m) and Stoompa (705 m). Each of these summits are flat or slightly rounded.[3] Enclosed within the massif is a deep U-shaped valley called Glencappul or Horse's Glen.[3] There are three lochs within Glencappul—Lough Garagarry (Loch Garaigre), Lough Mannagh (Loch Meáin) and Lough Erhogh.[3] A short walk north of Mangerton's summit is The Devil's Punchbowl (Poll Ifrinn), an oval-shaped hollow with a loch in the middle.[1][3]


The far northern slope of Mangerton was the site of a battle in 1262 between the Mac Cárthaigh (Gaelic forces) and FitzGeralds (Anglo-Norman forces).[1] The battle-site is known as Tooreencormick[3] (from Tuairín Cormaic meaning "little field of Cormac") after Cormac MacCárthaigh, who was killed during the clash.[1] The battle is considered a MacCarthy success however because the Normans were kept out of the region.

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