Manghen Pass

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Manghen Pass
Elevation2,047 m (6,716 ft)
LocationTrentino, Italy
Coordinates46°10′31″N 11°26′21″E / 46.17528°N 11.43917°E / 46.17528; 11.43917Coordinates: 46°10′31″N 11°26′21″E / 46.17528°N 11.43917°E / 46.17528; 11.43917

The Manghen Pass (Italian: Passo di Manghen) is a 2,047-metre-high (6,716 ft) mountain pass in Trentino in Italy.

It connects the Fiemme valley and Valsugana, linking Molina and Castelnuovo in the south. The pass road has a maximum grade of 16%. Commercial traffic is prohibited.

The massive road climb from Val Sugana was featured in the 2008 Giro d'Italia cycle race.

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