Mangkra Souvanna Phouma

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Prince Mangkra Souvanna Phouma of the Kingdom of Laos (born 1938) is the son of Prince Souvanna Phouma.


Since 1975, he has been living in exile in Paris, France. He is married to Tiao Oanna Rangsi and they have four children.

Prince Mangkra Souvannaphouma is Founder and President of the Laos Committee for the Defense of Laws and People, which aims to remove the current government of Laos and establish a constitutional monarchy. He works along with other members of the Laos Royal Family such as Prince Sauryavong Savang, Crown Prince Soulivong Savang and Prince Thayavong Savang to establish a Constitutional Monarchy in Laos. Prince Mangkra Souvannaphouma also serves as a member of the Council of Regency of Laos. He believes that the Lao Royal family can provide for his people social and economic change to unify the people for a peaceful solution to all problems in Laos.


Mangkra Souvannaphouma has also received such awards as Commander of the Order of Social Merit and Knight of the Grand Order of the Legion of Honour, both of France.

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