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Mangku Negara IX (born 1951) is the current traditional ruler of the former state of Mangkunegaran, located in Java, Indonesia. He succeeded his father, Mangku Negara VIII, as Prince of Mangkunegaran on 3 September 1987.[1][2] His full royal name is Kanjeng Gusti Pangeran Adipati Arya Mangku Negara.

Prior to his accession he was named Gusti Pangeran Hadiningrat Sujiwakusuma. In the meantime Sujiwakusuma became viceroy in Mangkunegaran.

His accession was controversial because for the first time in Indonesian history, Mangkunegaran involved relatives outside the core to participate in the decision.

Early life[edit]

He was born in Surakarta the son of Mangkunegara VIII with brothers KPA. Prabu Kusumo, B.R.Aj. Retno Satuti. Rahadiyan Yamin, B.R.Aj. Retno Rosati Hudiono Kadarisman, B.R.M. Susaktyo, B.R.M. Herwasto, B.R.M. Kumiyakto and B.R.Aj. Retno Astrini.

His maternal grandfather and father were their brother and sister's son Mangkunegara V. His maternal grandfather was Prince Suryakusuma descended from the father whose grandfather was Mangkunegara VII.

Crown Prince[edit]

Sujiwakusuma became the crown prince, replacing his brother King Kusumo KPA-BRM Radityo who died. He was the fourth son of Mangkunegara VIII.

Existence Dilemma[edit]

The King is no longer the head of government of his nominal territory. The monarchy was originally supplanted when the area was colonized by the Netherlands. Following the end of colonial rule, it retained its ceremonial role.


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