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Manglerud Star
Manglerud Star logo.png
City Oslo, Norway
League GET-ligaen
Founded 1967; 50 years ago (1967)
Home arena Manglerudhallen
Colors Green, yellow and white
General manager Bjørn Danielsen
Head coach David Livingston
Captain Cato Cocozza
Affiliates Moss Hockey (1. div)
Franchise history
1967-1989 IL Manglerud/Star
1989-1990 Oslo Hockey
1990-1991 LM-90
1991-1993 Vålerenga 2
1993-1994 Manglerud Star
1994-1996 Spektrum Flyers
1996-present Manglerud Star
Playoff championships 1977, 1978

Manglerud Star Ishockey, commonly known as Manglerud Star and abbreviated as MS, is a Norwegian ice hockey team based in Oslo, Norway. They currently play in the GET-ligaen, after replacing the bankrupt Rosenborg IHK in the summer of 2014.

Manglerud Star was founded in 1967 and was promoted to the top division in 1973. The club enjoyed a spell of success in the late 1970s, winning two national championships, to date the club's only trophies. In modern times, the club is still widely regarded to have one of the best youth academies in Norwegian hockey. Manglerud play their home games at Manglerudhallen.


The multi-sports club SK Star was founded on 23 June 1913 at Akershus Festning in Oslo. In 1964, the club merged with Manglerud IL, to form Manglerud Star IL. The ice hockey division became active three years later. The first, and to date only, titles would come in the late 70s, with the club winning the national championships in 1977 and 1978. The 90s would be an unstable decade for Manglerud, with the club unsuccessfully attempting mergers with other Oslo-based clubs, most notably with Furuset to create Spektrum Flyers.

In the 2004/05 season, Manglerud Star was relegated from the top flight due to financial problems. After spending four season on the second tier, Manglerud finally qualified for GET-ligaen again for the 2009/10 season. The club was relegated again following the 2011/12 season, but regained the top flight spot following Rosenborg IHKs bankruptcy in the summer of 2014.

Manglerud has delivered more players to professional ice hockey leagues around the world than any other hockey team in Norway. In 2004, the city of Oslo provided funding for a renovation of Manglerudhallen, which also includes a football arena beside the hockey rink.

Season-by-season results[edit]

This is a partial list of the last five seasons completed by Manglerud Star. For the full season-by-season history, see List of Manglerud Star Ishockey seasons.

Norwegian Champions Regular Season Champions Promoted Relegated
Season League Regular season[1] Postseason
2011–12 Eliteserien 45 7 34 2 2 84 202 27 9th 3rd in Qualifying for Eliteserien
2012–13 1. divisjon 39 28 7 2 2 211 79 83 4th Did not qualify
2013–14 1. divisjon 36 31 4 1 0 194 45 95 1st 3rd in Qualifying for Eliteserien1
2014–15 Eliteserien 45 4 34 3 4 82 206 22 9th 1st in Qualifying for Eliteserien
2015–16 Eliteserien 45 11 27 3 4 109 175 43 8th Lost in Quarter-finals, 0–4 (Stavanger)

1 Rosenborg failed to renew its professional license to play in the GET-liga.[2] The vacant spot was given to Manglerud Star.[3]


Current roster[edit]

As of October 10th, 2016.

Number Player Catches Born Place of Birth
35 Norway Theodor Hestnes L 15.02.1995 Kongsvinger, Norway
43 Sweden Sebastian Idoff L 02.12.1990 Fredrikstad, Norway
80 Norway Fabian Johannessen 25.10.1996
Number Player Shoots Born Place of Birth
2 Norway Alexander Kristiansen 00.00.1997
5 Norway Kevin Nilsen Berg R 11.07.1996
14 Norway Christer Simonsen R 27.03.1994 Oslo, Norway
18 Norway Markus Bilstad Pedersen L 25.03.1994 Oslo, Norway
19 Sweden Erik Backman L 22.05.1993 Södertälje, Sweden
28 Denmark Magnus Leth Nilsen L 07.02.1994 Aalborg, Denmark
51 Norway Trym Bilgrei 19.01.1996
63 Sweden Karl Pearson L 19.01.1990
71 Norway Ivar Løland L 04.04.1997 Oslo, Norway
Number Player Shoots Born Place of Birth
11 Norway Per Kristian Person 14.08.1992 Oslo, Norway
15 Norway Jon Myrer Rafoss R 20.10.1998 Oslo, Norway
16 Norway Sander Boroczky R 07.01.1995 Oslo, Norway
20 Norway Joachim Hermansen L 23.04.1994 Oslo, Norway
21 Sweden Johan Skiöld L 15.11.1989 Stockholm, Sweden
22 Norway Jesper Hoel L 06.03.1987 Oslo, Norway
24 Norway Joachim Lunde Hermansen L 21.07.1999 Oslo, Norway
26 Norway Cato Cocozza L 18.03.1984 Oslo, Norway
27 Sweden Emil Leijon L 28.03.1996
29 Sweden Mattias Johansson L 29.03.1993 Uppsala, Sweden
31 Norway Ole Setsaas L 26.01.1992 Oslo, Norway
33 Norway Fredrik Hagberg Jørgensen L 28.04.1997 Oslo, Norway
50 Norway Steffen Ratejczak 26.10.1995
55 Norway Even Baklid L 04.06.1997
64 Norway Kjetil Martinsen L 14.09.1992 Oslo, Norway
85 Norway Mats Jensen Grøsvik L 28.02.1998 Oslo, Norway
97 Norway Markus Svendsen Dahl L 20.04.1997 Trondheim, Norway

Retired numbers[edit]

Retired numbers
No. Player Position Career Number retirement
1 Jørn Goldstein G 1972–1980, 1981–1985 2014
7 Trond Abrahamsen D 1979-1989 2014
8 Rune Molberg D 1967–1982 2014
9 Roar Øvstedal LW 1975–1985 2014
10 Kjell Thorkildsen FW 1967–1988 2014
13 Tom Røymark RW 1975–1985 2014
23 Mats Trygg D 1994–1999 2014

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