Mangnang Monastery

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Mangnang Monastery
Mangnang Monastery 1866.jpg
Mangnang Monastery in 1866
AffiliationTibetan Buddhism
LocationNgari Prefecture, Tibet
Mangnang Monastery is located in Tibet
Mangnang Monastery
Location within Tibet
Geographic coordinates31°21′3.6″N 79°47′13.2″E / 31.351000°N 79.787000°E / 31.351000; 79.787000Coordinates: 31°21′3.6″N 79°47′13.2″E / 31.351000°N 79.787000°E / 31.351000; 79.787000
Date established11th century

Mangnang Monastery was a Buddhist monastery in western Tibet. Founded in the 11th century, it was visited by the British in 1866, who photographed it. The photographs are now part of the Royal Geographical Society. The monastery was probably destroyed in 1959.