Mango, Togo

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Sansanné-Mango is located in Togo
Location in Togo
Coordinates: 10°21′20″N 0°28′32″E / 10.35556°N 0.47556°E / 10.35556; 0.47556
Country Flag of Togo.svg Togo
Region Savanes Region
Population (2007)
 • Total 41,464

Mango, formerly Sansanné-Mango , is a city in northern Togo. It is situated on the Oti River in the Savanes Region. The town is located near Kéran National Park and 26 kilometres (16 mi) from the border with Ghana. The population is about 41,464 people (2007).[1]


The town is a trading center for cattle and peanuts.[2]


The town lies on the main North-South road (Route Nationale No. 1) in Togo.[2]


The town is mainly inhabited by Chakosi people.[2]


In 2014 the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism constructed a hospital (Hospital of Hope) in Mango and it opened the facility in Feb 2015.[3]

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Coordinates: 10°21′20″N 0°28′32″E / 10.35556°N 0.47556°E / 10.35556; 0.47556