Mango (group)

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Origin Lithuania, Klaipėda
Genres Pop
Years active 1998–2008
Labels Cactus
Members Rima Petrauskytė
Viktorija (Vika) Perminaitė
Lina Kaklytė (since 2004)
Past members Asta Bridikytė (1998–2004)

Mango was a popular Lithuanian girl trio. Created in 1998, it immediately had hits with the covers Pavasariniai žiedai (Spring Blossoms) and Svetimi (Strangers). During its ten-year career Mango released 12 albums that collectively sold some 310,000 copies.[1] It was recognized as the Band of the Year by Radiocentras Awards (2000 and 2001) and by Bravo Awards (2000).[2]

The group was created and produced by brothers Mindaugas and Gintaras Bendžius. Members of the group Rima Petrauskytė, Viktorija (Vika) Perminaitė and Asta Bridikytė were selected after a special competition, organised by Bendžius brothers and composer Žilvinas Liulys.[1] In 2004, Bridikytė left the group and was replaced by Lina Kaklytė.[3] The band announced its retirement in 2007 with a release of the third compilation of its best songs and a good-bye tour across Lithuania, including special appearances for Lithuanian communities in England, Ireland, and United States, with the final concert on March 31, 2008 in Šiauliai Arena.[2]


The group released the following albums:[2]

  • Pavasariniai žiedai (1998, single)
  • Balsas (1998, certified gold)
  • Metų laikai (1999, certified gold and platinum)
  • Amžinai tavo (2000, certified gold and double platinum)
  • Reikalingi žodžiai (2001, certified gold and double platinum)
  • Meilės liepsna (2002, certified gold and platinum)
  • 100 dienų (2003, certified gold and platinum)
  • Raskila (2004, certified gold and platinum)
  • Geriausios dainos / Pirma dalis (2005, certified gold)
  • Šilta akimirka (2005, certified gold)
  • Geriausios dainos / Antra dalis (2006)
  • Pažadėta meilė (2007, certified gold)
  • Geriausios dainos / Trečia dalis (2007)


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