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A typical South Indian cut mango pickle
Green mango pieces for making mango pickle

A mango pickle is a variety of pickle prepared using mango.[1] It is a very popular South Asian pickle. These sometimes spicy pickles are also available commercially.


The pickling process in India differs from other regions mainly due to an additional spice mixture added to them after anaerobic fermentation.[citation needed] Pickles are main side dishes and many varieties of vegetables are used. However, raw mango or tender mango is the most popular variety of fruit used for pickling. There are multiple varieties of mango pickles prepared depending on the region and the spices used but broadly there are two types: whole baby mango pickle and cut mango pickle. Whole baby mango pickle is a traditional variety very popular in Southern India and uses baby mangoes that are few weeks old.[citation needed] There are special varieties of mangoes specifically used just for pickling and they are never consumed as ripe fruit. Baby mangoes are pickled using salt, vegetable oil and a blend of hot spices, in a very careful process which ensures pickles are preserved for years.[2]

Cut mango pickle[edit]

Homemade mango pickle

This is ideally prepared using a special variety of mango that can stay crisp for longer periods when pickled. This variety of mango is specially bred and grafted for use. However, most of the raw mangoes can be used for pickling if quality is not a concern. One of the most popular kind of mango pickles is called the "Avakaya" and is known for its spice and flavor. It is usually eaten with plain white rice or on the side with other flavored rice items like a hot sauce. South Indians, especially from the state of Andhra Pradesh, eat this hot pickle "Avakaya" almost everyday.

Pickled mango chutney[edit]

This is a variation where mangoes are grated to produce a chutney-like pickle.


Kadumanga – a special kind of mango pickle from Kerala, India, made from tender mango

This is a variation of mango pickle. This kind of pickle is made from tender mango.[3] The small mangoes are collected when the mangoes just start to grow. In this pickle the mango is not cut into pieces; the whole mango is prepared as a form of pickle.

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