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Mangold (also Mangoldt, Mangolt) is a German surname, in origin from a given name. It was the name of a noble family of Weißenfels (Altenburger Land, Thuringia), named for one Manegoldus de Wizenfels (fl. 1260); branches of this family are extant, bearing the surnames von Mangoldt, Mangoldt-Gaudlitz (since 1888) or Mangoldt-Reiboldt (since 1878). The surname Mangold could arise independently as a patronymic based on the given name; it is currently most widespread in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Mangold is also the German name of chard (Beta vulgaris), see Mangold wurzel.

Given name[edit]


People with the surname include:

von Mangoldt

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