Mangole Island

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Sula Islands Topography.png
LocationSouth East Asia
Coordinates1°48′S 125°48′E / 1.8°S 125.8°E / -1.8; 125.8
ArchipelagoMaluku Islands
Population36,323 (2010 Census)
Pop. density28.9 /km2 (74.9 /sq mi)

Mangole (Xulla Mangola - earlier name.[1]) is a large island in the Sula Islands, which again are part of North Maluku province in Indonesia. It is located at 1°48′S 125°48′E / 1.8°S 125.8°E / -1.8; 125.8, east of Taliabu Island and north of Sanana Island. It has an area of 1,255.33 At the 2010 Census, 36,323 people lived on the island of Mangole. Its economy is dominated by the timber industry.[1]


The island is divided into six districts within the Sula Islands Regency, listed below with their areas and populations at the 2010 Census[2].

Name English name Area in
Census 2010
Mangole Barat West Mangole 158.30 7,084
Mangole Utara North Mangole 227.61 10,115
Mangole Selatan South Mangole 246.56 4,665
Mangole Tengah Central Mangole 333.21 6,381
Mangole Timur East Mangole 140.42 4,301
Mangole Utara Timur Northeast Mangole 149.23 3,777
Mangole Island (total) 1,255.33 36,323


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