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Saber fencers practicing at Manhattan Fencing Center Facility

Manhattan Fencing Center[1][2] in Manhattan, New York City, was founded in 2007 by Maestro Yury Gelman.[3] It is the home to the Olympic Silver Medal Saber Team (Beijing), three top 8 finishers in the London Olympics, many members of the U.S. National Men’s and Women’s Saber Team in addition to World, National and NCAA Champions. Manhattan Fencing Center has qualified more fencers for U.S. National teams and the Olympics than any other club in the country in the last quadrennial. Students of the club have received athletic scholarships at some of the most prestigious colleges and universities.[4]

Available Fencing Options

Introductory fencing for children ages 4–6

Beginner classes for ages 7+

Beginner parents’ classes

Beginner adults’ classes

Intermediate, advanced, and elite classes

Conditioning and competition classes

Saber and foil programs

Free Classes in Bryant Park[5]

USFA tournaments that give fencers the opportunity to increase their ranking and fence with the top athletes in the country[6]

Beginner, intermediate, and elite camps throughout the year[7]

Notable Students[8]

Akhi Spencer El- Member of Olympic team ’00, Sydney, two-time National Champion.

Keeth Smart- Three time member of Olympic team ’00, ’04, and ’08.Silver medalist ’08 Olympics.

Ivan Lee-Member of Olympic team 2004, Junior World Champion 2001, Pan Am Champion ’03.

Tim Hagamen- Junior World Champion 2001, Silver Medal at Cadet World Championships ’01.2006 NCAA Champion and 2007 National Champion.

Tim Morehouse-Member of Olympic team ’04, ’08, 12, Silver medalist ’08 Olympics.8 place in London Olympics, Medalist at Senior World Cups.2010,2011 National Champion.[9]

Aleck Ochocki-Bronze Medalist at Junior World Championships ’10, Member of Cadet ’05, ’06, ’07, Junior ’07, ’10 and Senior ’13 National Teams. Two time NCAA Champion ’09, ’12.

Daryl Homer-Member of Olympic Team ’12, 6 place in London Olympics, Bronze Medal at Cadet World Championships ’07, Bronze Medal at Junior World Championships ’09 and ’10. Two time NCAA Champion, ’10, ’11.

Dagmara Wozniak- Member of Olympic team ’08,’12. 6 place in London Olympics, Junior World Champion 2006 and Bronze ’07, Three times bronze medalist of Senior World Championships.

Caroline Vloka- Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal at Cadet and Junior World Championships ’06, Bronze ‘07.2010 NCAA Champion.

Emma Baratta- Silver Medal at World Championships ’04.

Monica Aksamit – Silver medalist at Junior World Championships ’08. Member of Cadet ’07,Junior ’08, ’09 and Senior National team ‘09.

Alex Krul- Bronze Medal at Junior World Championships ’05.

James Williams- Member of Olympic team ’08, ’12. Silver medalist of Olympic Games ’08, Member of ’06,’09 and ’10 Senior National team. 2012 National Champion.

Paul Apostol – Two times World Veterans Champion (60+) in ’06,’07 and silver medalist ’08. National Champion ’05,’07 and ’10.

Fencing Foundation of America

Manhattan Fencing Center is the home of the Fencing Foundation of America.[10][11][12][13]

Younger rising stars/notable fencers: Benjamin Natanzon- multiple world cup champiion and high-ranked member of Junior national team Karol Metryka- world cup Top 8 finisher, Jr ntl tm member Elizabeth Tartakovsky- high finisher in international and national tournaments. former menmber of JR national team Rebecca Whang- multiple top and win finishes at international and national tournaments. top rated in age category George Bivins- top national finisher. at top of age group rankings Jason Oh- top finisher at international and national events


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