Manhattan Love Song

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Manhattan Love Song
Directed by Leonard Fields
Produced by Trem Carr (supervising producer)
Written by Cornell Woolrich (novel)
David Silverstein and
Leonard Fields
Starring See below
Music by Bernie Grossman
Edward Ward
Cinematography Robert H. Planck
Edited by Carl Pierson
Release date
Running time
73 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Manhattan Love Song is a 1934 American film directed by Leonard Fields.

Plot summary[edit]

Although sisters Geraldine and Carol Stewart live luxuriously in a Park Avenue apartment in New York City, their money has run out due to some bad business investments. Their servants, Williams and Annette, expect to be leaving, but the sisters invite them to remain as paying tenants. They agree, then surprise the haughty sisters by expecting them to share in performing the household chores.

Geraldine looks for work, but receives no offers except for a striptease act in a burlesque show. Williams is mistaken for a taxi driver by a wealthy tourist, "Pancake Annie" Jones from Nevada, who has come with her son Phineas to seek an entry into Manhattan high society.

Carol elopes with a rich acquaintance, Garrett Wetherby, which leaves Geraldine on her own, needing money. She accepts the job doing a striptease, but is arrested when the club is raided. Williams decides to accept Pancake Annie's offer to go West in her employment. Geraldine realizes she loves Williams and asks to go along.



  • Dixie Lee - "A Little Shack on Fifth Avenue" (Music by Edward Ward and Bernie Grossman, words by David Silverstein)
  • "Daisy" (uncredited player) - "Hang Up Your Hat" (Music by Edward Ward and Bernie Grossman, words by David Silverstein)

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