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Maniq people
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Southern Thailand
Kensiu, Mos, Thai
Related ethnic groups

The Maniq (มันนิ) are an ethnic group of Thailand. They are the only Negrito group in Thailand and speak Maniq (also called Tonga, Kensiu or Mos), a Mon–Khmer language in the Aslian language group. It is thought they once spoke a language similar to the Andamanese language but then adopted the language of the Mon–Khmer people around them.[citation needed]

The Maniq are a hunting and gathering society. They build temporary huts of bamboo with roofs made of banana leaves. They hunt many types of animals and consume many different kinds of vegetables and fruits. They wear simple clothes made of materials such as bamboo leaves. They are familiar with many different species of medicinal herbs.

The total population of the "Maniq" is about 300 people.[1]

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