Maniac Latin Disciples

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Maniac Latin Disciples
Foundedapprox. 1966
Founding locationChicago, Illinois, United States[1]
Years active1966–present
TerritoryHumboldt Park Chicago, Cicero Il, East Moline Il, Moline Il, Rock Island Il, Des Moines IA , Nashville , Memphis
EthnicityPuerto Ricans, Mexicans, Caucasians, African Americans[2]
Criminal activitiesDrug trafficking, Assault, Auto Theft, Carjacking, Drive-By Shooting, Home Invasion, Homicide, Money Laundering, Weapons Trafficking[2]
AlliesFolk Nation Cutthroat Mafia Family, Satan Disciples, Spanish Gangster Disciples
RivalsLatin Kings, Insane Spanish Cobras, Latin Eagles, Four Corner Hustlers, Latin Lovers,[3]
Notable membersAlbert "Hitler" Hernandez, Fernando "Prince Fernie" Zayas

The Maniac Latin Disciples (MLD) are the second largest Latino street gang in Chicago and the largest Latino gang in the Folks alliance. Originally known as the Latin Disciples, the gang was founded by Albert "Hitler" Hernandez in the Humboldt Park community in approximately 1966.

They are one of the original and strongest gangs in the Folks Nation. In the late 1990s, the Maniac Latin Disciples began to spread their influence into the South Side of Chicago along with several Chicago suburbs.


The gang, which originated in about 1966 in the Humboldt Park community, was founded by Albert "Hitler" Hernandez. They were initially known as the Latin Disciples in 1966; because the club was constantly harassed and attacked by resident Caucasian street gangs, such as the Simon City Royals, and Harrison Gents, they began to fight to protect themselves.[citation needed] By approximately 1966, they themselves had turned into a full-fledged gang. Albert "Hitler" Hernandez would position himself as King of the club. From 1972, the Latin Disciples engaged in battle with the Latin Kings.

The Latin Disciples' first corner was Hirsch & Rockwell. Later, they would open up shop on Potomac & Rockwell, a set that would be dubbed "Twilight Zone."

In or around 1970 the Latin Disciples established a relationship with the Black Gangster Disciples (now split into the Black Disciples and Gangster Disciples) in prison, and later in 1983, to Maniac Latin Disciples. That same year, Albert Hernandez was stabbed and killed by the Latin Kings. He asked the Latin Kings to remove their gang colors while walking through Latin Disciple turf and ended in a brawl with the Latin Kings and Hernandez being stabbed. Several other leaders filled the void.

In the mid-1970s, the Latin Disciples formed an alliance with the Latin Eagles, Spanish Cobras, and Imperial Gangsters street gangs; this alliance was called the United Latino Organization. The Latin Disciples joined the "Folks Alliance" in 1978. They were the first Latino Folks and due to the Latin Disciples joining Folks alliance the Imperial Gangsters, Spanish Cobras and Latin Eagles followed after due to the United Latino Organization alliance they had on the street.

The now Maniac Latin Disciples grew at a tremendously rapid pace, recruiting many members from the Illinois correctional facilities. They established bases of operations throughout the North and West sides of the city, using brute and violent force to eliminate rival gangs. In 1983, Zayas was incarcerated on murder charges. However he has been able to control his gang's day-to-day activity since being incarcerated, though some factions have broken away from his leadership. Zayas is currently in Tamms maximum security prison. For example, Albert "Chino D" Ojeda, paralyzed from gunshot wounds, in 1988 he was serving a 9-year sentence for armed violence and drug-related offences and was awaiting trial on charges of murder and aggravated battery. Albert "Chino D" Ojeda, for example attempted to become a major drug dealer, that sparked a violent battle with, among others his former gang affiliates, police said, and he was shot and left a paraplegic, but from his wheelchair he continued to run his drug operation. A friend who was killed in 1988 and his crew would chauffeur him around the Humboldt Park area in a van, the wheelchair wedged in the back.

In the early 1990s the MLDs formed the "Maniac family", a group of allied Latino Folks gangs aside the umbrella of the Disciples. Among the initial gangs to join were the Maniac Campbell Boys and Milwaukee Kings. By the mid-1990s the MLDs were one of the largest and most organized gangs in the city but a couple money making street corners and a power struggle created rivals within the gang that ended their reign.

MLD eventually spread to different states such Wisconsin, Tennessee and Texas. Cities such as Antioch,Tn Nashville,TN Memphis,Tn Dallas,Tx and Houston,Tx



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