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Maniema Province
Province du Maniema
Democratic Republic of the Congo - Maniema.svg
Coordinates: 02°57′S 25°57′E / 2.950°S 25.950°E / -2.950; 25.950Coordinates: 02°57′S 25°57′E / 2.950°S 25.950°E / -2.950; 25.950
Country  Democratic Republic of the Congo
Capital Kindu
 • Governor Pascal Tutu Salumu
 • Total 132,520 km2 (51,170 sq mi)
Population (2010 est.)
 • Total 2,049,300
 • Density 15/km2 (40/sq mi)
Official language French
National language Swahili
Manyema Village in 1876
Miners and their children in Kailo Territory, 2007

Maniema is a province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Its capital is Kindu.

Henry Morton Stanley explored the area, calling it Manyema.[1]:Vol.Two,96


Maniema borders the provinces of Kasai-Oriental to the west, Orientale to the north, North Kivu and South Kivu to the east, and Katanga to the south.


Mining is the main industry in the province and diamonds, copper, gold and cobalt are mined outside of Kindu.[2]

Kailo Territory is home to open pit wolframite and Cassiterite mines.[3]

Political divisions[edit]

Maniema consists of the city of Kindu and seven territories:




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