Manifesto of Lacuna Coil

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Manifesto of Lacuna Coil
Lacuna Coil Manifesto.jpg
Compilation album by Lacuna Coil
Released 27 February 2009
Genre Alternative metal, gothic metal
Label Century Media
Lacuna Coil chronology
Visual Karma (Body, Mind and Soul)
(2008)Visual Karma (Body, Mind and Soul)2008
Manifesto of Lacuna Coil
Shallow Life
(2009)Shallow Life2009

Manifesto of Lacuna Coil is a compilation album by Italian alternative metal band Lacuna Coil, released on 27 February 2009. Tracks are taken from the first four studio albums; In a Reverie, Unleashed Memories, Comalies & Karmacode, as well as from their two EPs; Lacuna Coil & Halflife.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Lacuna Coil, except "Enjoy the Silence" written by Martin Gore

Track listing
No. Title Length
1. "Our Truth" 4:03
2. "Closer" 3:02
3. "Within Me" 3:39
4. "Enjoy the Silence" 4:06
5. "Swamped" 4:00
6. "Heaven's A Lie" 4:47
7. "Daylight Dancer" 3:50
8. "To Live is to Hide" 4:35
9. "Cold Heritage" 5:23
10. "Senzafine" 3:54
11. "Honeymoon Suite" 4:31
12. "My Wings" 3:45
13. "Falling Again" 5:07
14. "No Need to Explain" 3:40
15. "The Secret" 4:18