Manifesto of Nevermore

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Manifesto of Nevermore
Greatest hits album by Nevermore
Released March 2, 2009
Recorded 1995-2008
Genre Heavy metal, Thrash metal, Power metal, Progressive metal
Label Century Media Records
Nevermore chronology
The Year of the Voyager
Manifesto of Nevermore
The Obsidian Conspiracy

Manifesto of Nevermore is a greatest hits compilation by the Heavy Metal band Nevermore. It contains tracks from the first six Nevermore albums. It was released in Europe and the UK on March 2, 2009.

Track listing[edit]

Manifesto of Nevermore
No. Title Album Length
1. "Final Product" This Godless Endeavor 4:22
2. "Born" This Godless Endeavor 5:05
3. "Enemies of Reality" Enemies of Reality 5:11
4. "Tomorrow Turned into Yesterday" Enemies of Reality 4:35
5. "Believe in Nothing" Dead Heart in a Dead World 4:22
6. "Narcosynthesis" Dead Heart in a Dead World 5:31
7. "Dreaming Neon Black" Dreaming Neon Black 6:26
8. "Beyond Within" Dreaming Neon Black 5:12
9. "Next in Line" The Politics of Ecstasy 5:32
10. "The Seven Tongues of God" The Politics of Ecstasy 5:59
11. "Matricide" In Memory 5:21
12. "What Tomorrow Knows" Nevermore 5:12
13. "The Heart Collector" (live) The Year of the Voyager 6:45


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