Manifesto of Rauma

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Manifesto of Rauma
LocationRauma, Finland

The Manifesto of Rauma (Esperanto: Manifesto de Raŭmo) is a historic document of the Esperanto movement, ratified in 1980 at the International Youth Congress in Rauma, Finland. It is the ideological foundation of Raumism.[1]


The Manifesto of Rauma was written and ratified in 1980 at the 36th International Youth Congress. In the Manifesto, the traditional goals of Esperanto movement are criticized and the Esperanto community is defined as "a stateless diasporic linguistic minority" based on freedom of association.[2]

The Manifesto of Rauma is the ideological foundation of Raumism. It is also used by the members of the Community of Esperanto Citizens (Esperanta Civito) to describe their ideology, although some Raumists see the Community as contradictory to the spirit of the Manifesto.

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