Manifold (fluid mechanics)

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Industrial manifold

A manifold is a wide and/or bigger pipe, or channel, into which smaller pipes or channels lead.[1]


Types of manifolds in engineering include:

  • Exhaust manifold, an engine part which collects the exhaust gases from multiple cylinders into one pipe. Also known as headers.
  • Hydraulic manifold, a component used to regulate fluid flow in a hydraulic system, thus controlling the transfer of power between actuators and pumps
  • Inlet manifold or "intake manifold", an engine part which supplies the air or fuel/air mixture to the cylinders
  • Manifold (scuba), in a scuba set, connects two or more diving cylinders
  • Vacuum gas manifold, an apparatus used in chemistry to manipulate gases
  • Many dredge pipe pieces

In biology manifolds are found in:

Manifolds are used in:


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