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Manikanth Kadri
Born28 May
Occupation(s)Music director, singer
Years active2006 – present

Manikanth Kadri is an Indian film score, soundtrack composer and singer. He has predominantly scored music for Kannada as well as several Telugu, Tamil, Tulu, and Malayalam films. He is the son of legendary saxophonist Kadri Gopalnath.


Manikanth started out his career by composing for jingles and devotional albums. He also composed for a title track of a Malayalam tele-serial Annu Mazhayayirunnu and won the Kerala State Award for best music.[1]

He released his first instrumental album called Dream Journey in the year 2001 and also tasted success. He also scored for background for an English feature film Tantric Journal.[1]

His film musical career began with Smart City (Malayalam) and Mr. Garagasa (Kannada), at the age of 24. After these films, his major break through happened with the Kannada film Savari in 2009. He has scored music for various films in Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Tulu and Tamil languages.


Year Film Title Language Notes
2006 Smart City Malayalam
2007 Mr. Garagasa Kannada
2008 Chandranilekkoru Vazhi Malayalam
2008 Ganesha Kannada
2008 Avakai Biryani Telugu
2009 Village Lo Vinayakudu Telugu
2009 Savaari Kannada
2009 Male Bille Kannada
2010 Amayakudu Telugu
2010 Prithvi Kannada
2010 Ijjodu Kannada
2010 Swayamvara Kannada
2010 Orange Malayalam
2010 Chaurahein Hindi
2011 Udhayan Tamil
2011 Maduve Mane Kannada
2012 Crazy Loka Kannada
2012 Fighters Hindi
2012 Radhala ganda Kannada
2013 Ball Pen Kannada
2013 Manasunu Maaya Seyake Telugu
2014 Savaari 2 Kannada
2014 Rang Tulu
2014 Chaali Polilu Tulu Background score
2015 Rang Birangi Kannada
2015 Mosagaallaku Mosagaadu Telugu
2015 Jaathre Kannada
2015 Chandi Kori Tulu Background score
2016 Run Anthony Kannada
2016 Shutterdulai Tulu
2016 Barsa Tulu Background score
2016 Meena Bazar Kannada
2016 Mooka Hakki Kannada
2017 March 22 Kannada
2017 Ambar Caterars Tulu
2017 Are Marler Tulu Background score
2017 Esa Tulu Background score
2018 Paddayi Tulu Background score
2018 Pathis Gang Tulu
2018 Yera Ullerge Tulu Background Score
2018 Asathoma Sadgamaya Kannada Background Score
2018 Naduve Antaravirali Kannada
2018 Sri Bharatha Bahubali Kannada
2018 Takkar Kannada
2018 Deyi Baidethi Tulu Background Score
2018 Sagutha Doora Doora Kannada
2018 Raahukaala Guligakaala Tulu
2019 English Tulu
2019 Jabardasth Shankara Tulu
2019 Raanchi Kannada
2019 Gubbi Mele Brahmastra Kannada
2019 Ranganaayaki Kannada
2019 Kanneri Kannada Filming
2019 Where is my Kannadaka Kannada Filming
2019 Virgin Kannada Filming
2019 Aadisidaata Kannada Filming
2019 Melobba Maayaavi Kannada Background Score


  • Station ID for COLORS SUPER Kannada
  • Title song for CHAMPIONS COLORS SUPER kannada
  • Title song for Super minute 2 Kannada for COLORS Kannada
  • Title song for Sriman shrimati for ZEE Kannada
  • Title song for DANCING STARS 2 COLORS kannada
  • Title song for COLORS Anubandha Awards.
  • Station ID for COLORS CINEMA kannada
  • Title song for THAKADHIMITHA COLORS Kannada
  • Title song for MAADESHWARA for ZEE Kannada
  • Title song for Lakshana for Colors Kannada


  • 2005 – Kerala State Television Award for Best Music- Annu Mazhayayirunnu
  • 2009 – Mirchi music awards for best song of the year and song of the year listeners choice and best female singer for "SAVARI"
  • 2010 – Best music director by Bangalore Music Academy "PRITHVI"
  • 2014 – Zee Kannada awards for Ninna danigaagi song from savari 2 (Best lyrics, Best female singer and Best male singer)
  • 2014 – Six mirchi music awards for ninna danigagi song (Best composer of the year, best album of the year, song of the year, song of the year listeners choice, best lyrics, best technical award for mix n master) for Savari 2
  • 2014 – best music director award from chithra sante for Savari 2
  • 2014 – Red Fm tulu film awards for best music director (RANG)
  • 2014 – Red Fm tulu film awards for best background score (Chalipolilu)
  • 2017 – Best album of the year for RUN ANTONY
  • 2018 – TIMES KAFTA awards for best background score (March 22)


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