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Manikgad Fort
Chandrapur district, Maharashtra
Fort entrance
Manikgad Fort is located in Maharashtra
Manikgad Fort
Manikgad Fort
Manikgad Fort is located in India
Manikgad Fort
Manikgad Fort
Coordinates19°40′30.6″N 79°07′31.5″E / 19.675167°N 79.125417°E / 19.675167; 79.125417
TypeHill fort
Height507 MTRS
Site information
OwnerGovernment of India
Controlled by Maratha Empire (1739-1818)
 United Kingdom  India (1947-)
Open to
the public
Site history
Built byNaga king-Gahilu

Manikgad(also called Gadchandur) is an ancient fort in Chandrapur district, Maharashtra. It is a hill fort 507 metres above sea level built by the Naga kings in the 9 CE. [1]Currently the forts is in a state of ruins and is frequently by wild animals that live in the vicinity like panthers and boars. Several monuments of historical importance are also present in the area. [2]


Manikgad was built by the last Mana Naga King - Gahilu. The Mana Nagas settled in this area around 9 CE. Initially, the fort was named Manikagad after the patron deity of the Mana Nagas - Manikadevi - but later on this got shortened to Manikgad. Local legend holds that the fort was built by a Gond king named Mankyal(hence the name Manikgad). However, the lintel of the entrance gate has a Naga image carved in relif and not the Gond emblem of lion and an elephant. So this legend is not true.[2]

Major features[edit]

The fort is built of large black stones and it would have been a formidable fort in its time. Rampart walls of the fort enclose a valley which has ruins of old buildings and store-houses. Outlines of some apartments are visible against the rampart walls. The southern bastion along with its supporting wall has collapsed. In the valley below lies a cannon which likely was mounted on that bastion. Unlike a cast iron cannon, this cannon made of several iron straps welded together. The gateway of the fort is still intact.[2]

Places to visit[edit]

The entire fort can be visited in 1-2 hours. The main gate, Queens palace , Patal vihir, and few bastions are visited the most. The Queen's palace is situated near a small dam with steps and few rooms constructed for bathing.There are two wooden pagodas constructed by the Forest Department. The fort area is filled with shrubby growth and wild trees[3].



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