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Остров Манипа.svg
Location of Manipa
Maluku Islands en.png
LocationSouth East Asia
ArchipelagoMaluku Islands
Highest elevation632 m (2,073 ft)
Highest pointKala Huhun

Manipa Island is an island in West Seram Regency[1], Maluku Province, Indonesia. It is located 8 km off the western coast of Kelang at the western end of Seram Island and 25 km off the western coast of Buru. The inhabitants speak the Manipa language, as well as Indonesian and Ambonese Malay.[2]

This island gives its name to the Manipa Strait between Buru and Seram.

Adjacent islands[edit]

Manipa has a number of small islands that are very close to its shores.[3]


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Coordinates: 3°17′S 127°33′E / 3.283°S 127.550°E / -3.283; 127.550