Manipal College of Medical Sciences

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Manipal College of Medical Sciences
Manipal Teaching Hospital.jpg
Motto Inspired by Life
Type Private
Established 1994
Parent institution
Kathmandu University
Dean Dr. B. M. Nagpal
Director Dr. P. K. Chakraborty (hospital director)
Management Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG)
Location Phulbari (Hospital)
Pokhara, Nepal
Campus Urban
Alumni Society of Ex-Manipal Students (SEMS-Pokhara)
Affiliations Kathmandu University
Manipal Logo.jpg

Manipal College of Medical Sciences (MCOMS) is a private medical college located at Pokhara, in Nepal. It is associated with Manipal Teaching Hospital, and enrols about 145 students each year for the MBBS medical qualification.

Senior staff[edit]

  • Dean: Brig. Dr. B. M. Nagpal
  • Director Academics (Clinical Sciences): Dr. V. M. Alurkar
  • Director Academics (Basic Sciences): Brig. Dr. O. P. Talwar
  • Director (Basic Sciences): Lt. Col. Dr. S. Gokhale
  • Hospital Director: Dr. P. K. Chakraborty


MCOMS has two locations in Pokhara. The basic sciences campus is located at Deep Heights, and 1st and 2nd year courses are taught there. The administrative block is also located at Deep Heights. The clinical campus with the teaching hospital, is located at Phulbari, Pokhara, overlooking the Annapurna mountain range.


  • Post-graduation
  • MBBS
  • PCL Nursing
  • B.SC. Nursing (started 2009)


The annual enrolment for the MBBS degree is 135 students (data from 2016). The majority of the students are of Nepalese and Indian origin. Students from other nations such as: Sri Lanka, United States of America (NRN), Canada (NRN), etc. are also enrolled. Many elective students visit from American and European Universities and have the opportunity for hands on training.

Subjects covered:

The basic science training takes place at Deep Campus. After passing all the subjects of basic sciences, a student is promoted to the clinical aspect of the course.

The next five semesters are devoted to the study of clinical sciences, and are held at Manipal Teaching Hospital, Pokhara. The students are intensively trained and evaluated. The third year university examinations are held at the end of the 7th semester, and include the following subjects:

After the successful completion of all 4 subjects of the third year, a student is allowed to take the final year examinations which consist of:


MCOMS is recognised by the Medical Council of Nepal, Sri Lanka, and other countries. It is also recognized by WHO and under FAIMER.[citation needed]


Manipal Teaching Hospital (MTH) is a 700-bedded hospital, located at Phulbari, Pokhara. The 5-storey hospital building houses an extensive medical library, students classrooms, a canteen, the main atrium, an auditorium along with outpatient departments and inpatient wards. All the medical students and faculty reside close by in other buildings.

Treatment cost[edit]

Treatment cost is reasonably affordable. Most tests and interventions are cheaper than that of government hospitals. There is also a Poor Patients' Fund (PPF) that provides free treatment to poor patients.[citation needed]

Poor Patients' Fund (PPF)[edit]

Also known as Asha, the PPF is an NGO managed by the students (mainly the 5th semester students). Funds are raised by the students by various means such as organizing movie shows, dances, college fetes, sales of T-shirts and sweat shirts, donations from the students and faculty, etc. The fund supports the cost of treatment of those patients who are unable to afford it themselves.


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