Manipal Pre-University College

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Manipal Pre-University College is a school/pre-university college. Manipal Pre-University College provides education to children from standard 6 to 2nd PUC. In 1936 T.M.A. Pai founded an elementary school at Manipal. In 1939 it was upgraded to a Higher Primary School and High School, and today is Manipal Pre-University College. It is also known as MJC (Manipal Junior College). many famous people like Yashwanth Devadiga Sujit Inamdar and Deviprasad Shetty have studied here from 1989 to 1992

In Annual exam of 2nd PUC board examination-2015 Triplets of Sagar with name Pragathi K S, Pradyumna K S, Prakruthi K S scored 574, 573 and 564 out of 600 respectively.