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Manipal University
MU panoramic.JPG
Administrative building of the university.
Motto Inspired by Life
Type Deemed university
Established 1956
Chancellor Dr. Ramdas M Pai
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Students 28,000
Location Manipal, Karnataka, India
Campus Suburban, 600 acres (2.4 km2)
Affiliations UGC, ACU, AIU
Manipal University Logo.svg

Manipal Academy of Higher Education, (branded as Manipal University) is a deemed university awarded by University Grants Commission.[1][2] It is located in Manipal, Karnataka, India. It has over 28,000 students from 52 countries.[3] The university has branch campuses in Bangalore, Mangalore, Sikkim, Jaipur, Dubai, Malaysia and Antigua.[4] It is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities.[5]


List of vice chancellors

In 1953, T.M.A. Pai founded India's first private medical school, Kasturba Medical College,[9] and five years later the Manipal Institute of Technology was formed. Ramdas Pai took over the management in 1979 after the death of T.M.A. Pai. Initially all degrees were awarded by Karnatak University Dharwad and later Mysore University. From 1980 to 1993 they were awarded by Mangalore University. The current organizational structure was formed in 1993, when Manipal University (then known as the Manipal Academy of Higher Education) was accorded deemed university status by the University Grants Commission.[10] The university is certified as an ISO 14001:2004 organization.[11] In, 2007, it rebranded itself as Manipal University.[12] The legal name remains the Manipal Academy of Higher Education.[13]


The pro-chancellor is H. S. Ballal and vice-chancellor is K. Ramnarayan. It is organized into 19 colleges and 7 departments.[3]

The university is composed of the following schools:

The university is made up of the following departments:

There is one autonomous institute

Campuses in Manipal[edit]

The campus covers 600 acres (2.4 km2)[14] of land[14] and is centered in the university town of Manipal. The campus is divided into two areas: the healthsciences campus and the engineering campus.

Healthsciences Campus (Manipal)[edit]

The dormitories are segregated by sex, with 7 hostels for men and 13 for women. There is a mix of air-conditioned and regular rooms, with both single- and double-occupancy rooms.

Manipal Hostel Building

Each hostel is run by a warden, while the entire system is governed by a chief warden. The medical colleges have centrally located lecture halls near the Healthsciences library and administrative building.[15] The campus has a food court that serves over 800 people and is centrally air conditioned. Cuisine ranges from Indian to continental food.[16] The campus includes the Center for Basic Sciences, healthcare colleges and the Kasturba Hospital.

MIT Campus[edit]

The Innovation Centre was established during the 50th anniversary of the Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT): It is a research center in which funding is provided to students, faculty and the university. School of Management, one the esteemed institutes under Manipal university is located in the MIT campus.


The campuses have playgrounds and courts for cricket, hockey, football, tennis, basketball, badminton and volleyball.[17] There is a gym and an athletics track.[17] MARENA, the indoor sports complex in Manipal, which covers an area of 142,132 sq ft (13,204.5 m2), has badminton courts, basketball courts, squash court and an indoor jogging track along with a gym and a sauna.[17]


Manipal University has a chain of six libraries that support its schools.[18]

  • The Health Sciences Library[19] has 150,000 square feet on five floors for the use of students, faculty and researchers of health sciences. It can accommodate up to 1,300 users[19] at a time.
  • The Kasturba Medical College Central Library, Mangalore was established in 1953.[20] The library is 2,025 sq. meters on three floors[20] and can accommodate over 400 users.[20]
  • The central library of Manipal Institute of Technology is a three-storey building occupying an area of about 70,000 square feet (6,500 m2).[21] It can accommodate 800 users[21] at a time.
    MIT library
  • WelcomGroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration library was established in 1986.[22] The library is equipped with 5,634 books[22] on hotel management and allied subjects. It subscribes to nearly 40 journals[22] on general and trade subjects from all over the world.
  • The Manipal Institute of Communication library, has over 9,000 books[23] and other resources, is spread over an area of 3,000 square feet (280 m2),[23] and can accommodate around 100 students.[23] The library is equipped with books, Internet browsing, online database, online journals, CDs/DVDs, etc. There is a separate audio-visual room to view electronic documents.
  • The Manipal Institute of Management (MIM) Library and Information Centre has a vast collection of management books and the latest national and international journals.[24] MIM is the only institute in south India having access to the UN Depository Collection.[24]


Manipal University encourages research. Budgetary provisions are given for research through capital allocations for the maintenance of animal facility, consumables, equipment etc. Experts from research groups from all over the world contribute as adjunct members of faculty.1.5 crore (US$220,000)[25] was sanctioned to MIT in 2008–2009 towards funding innovation. A five-member student team from MIT won the prestigious Innovation Competition in 2008,[26] organized by GE's largest R&D centre outside the U.S.: the John F. Welch Technology Centre (JFWTC) Bangalore.[25]

MIT has interdisciplinary labs constituted under the Innovation Centre, where several research programmes in emerging areas such as nanotechnology, ad hoc wireless networks, nuclear engineering, VLSI design and pattern recognition are being pursued. A collaborative project with Philips in the area of sustainable and ecofriendly technology and telemedicine at the BOP level is being pursued.[27]

MCOPS, Manipal sends its second-year postgraduate (PG) students for collaborative research programmes at R&D centres all over the country. Often the research carried out by them becomes a part of the intellectual property of the company. MCOPS has ongoing programmes in novel drug delivery systems, formulation development and preclinical screening of drug candidates. The TIFAC CORE programme in pharmacogenomics envisages the development of personalized medicine. The MLSC engages its laboratories in rendering diagnostic advice to Kasturba Hospital in complicated cases. MCOPS has signed a memorandum of understanding with the University of Wyoming, Laramie, USA, under which a candidate registered for Ph.D. under MU will receive training and research guidance at the Laramie campus, leading to a split-campus Ph.D. MCOPS has been awarded a 1.3 crore[25] DST research grant in collaboration with US Vitamins, Ltd Mumbai for the development of biodegradable sustained-release formulations.[25]

The Manipal Life Science Centre has a dedicated research team and is undertaking several research projects funded by DBT, DST, etc. MLSC is linked to several international research institutions such as Wistar Institute Philadelphia, University of Queensland, etc. A patient-friendly device for the early detection of malignancy has been developed by the Department of Laser Spectroscopy collaboration with M/s Philips.[28]

Manipal Advanced Research Group[edit]

The Manipal Advanced Research Group was formed in early 2006[29] with an aim to grow new research projects in fundamental sciences and promote interdisciplinary cooperation in areas between basic research, biomedical science and engineering.[30] Agreements for academic collaborations in the natural sciences have been signed with GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.[31] The university boasts of researchers like Aadarsh Mishra who has published 23 International Research papers at the Undergraduate level [32]


University rankings
General – India
Careers360[33] 3
Engineering – India
Outlook India[34] 21
Private colleges:
Mint[35] 12
Electronics For You[36] 2
Business – India

University Survey
Manipal University was ranked 3rd in India in the Higher Education Review "TOP 25 Private/ Deemed University in India 2015." It has been also ranked 3rd for High - Qualities infrastructure and 4th rank for in academic excellence in India by Higher Education Review Magazine survey 2014.

( [37]

  • Manipal Institute of Technology, the constituent engineering college of Manipal University, was ranked #16 in India Today's Best Engineering colleges of 2015.[36] In rankings limited to private engineering colleges, it was ranked second in Electronics for You's Top 50 Private Engineering Colleges of 2011[34] and #12 in Mint's Top 50 Private Engineering Colleges of 2009.[35]
  • KMC ranked eighth among the Top 20 Medical Colleges in India by Outlook,[38] sixth by an India Today report,[39] and fifth amongst the Top 30 Medical Colleges in India by the Hindustan Times Horizon Report.[40]
  • Manipal College of Dental Sciences was ranked first among the Top 15 Dental Colleges in India by the Outlook ranking.[38]
  • WGSHA ranked third among Top 10 Hotel Management Institutes in India by Outlook[38] and third among the Top Colleges for Hotel Management in India.[40]
  • Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences has been ranked third in the country, first among the private colleges of pharmacy by Career 360's "India's Best Pharmacy Colleges 2011"[41] and ranked third in Top Private Universities in India 2015[42]
  • Manipal Institute of Communication has been ranked No. 1 (Factual) and No. 5 (Overall) among Communication Colleges in India by India Today Magazine Survey 2012.

Noted People[edit]

Notable alumni of the university are:

Other notable alumnni include A. V. Baliga, Parvathy Nair, Nitya Prakash, Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, cardiac surgeon Devi Shetty, American cardiologist Annapoorna Kini.



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