Manipulation of public opinion by National Intelligence Service during 2012 South Korean presidential election

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Manipulation of public opinion by National Intelligence Service during 2012 South Korean presidential election consisted of two incidents. First, a female agent was claimed to have manipulated public opinion to help Park Geun-hye's presidential election under the command of the NIS. Second, the director of National Intelligence Service commanded a NIS agent to manipulate public opinion.

First allegation was claimed before South Korean presidential election, 2012, but it was unverified before the election.[1] Even though the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency found this allegation was true before the election, the police chief Kim Yong-pan ordered Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency not to announce the evidences.[2] The Agency announced that they did not find any illegal activities, which is against the collected evidences, three days before the election, which turned out to have a substantial impact on the election.[3]

Democratic United Party claimed that the NIS manipulated public opinion in support for Park Geun-hye's presidential campaign on December 11.

After the election, the South Korean Police alleged that an agent of Korean National Intelligence Service, Kim Ha Young, posted articles and cast votes to articles on politically sensitive topics in the Todayhumor website.[4][5]

In April 30. prosecutors raided the headquarters of the South Korean National Intelligence Service.[6]

In June 12, the head of the South Korean National Intelligence Service Won Sei-hoon and the head of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Kim Yong-pan were prosecuted for interfering in the election.[7] In 2015 Supreme Court acquitted Kim of charges of abusing his power to manipulate the investigation.[8]


December 28, 2013, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions General Strike.

List of comments posted by the NIS agents[edit]

"[Former President Roh] must be a martyr, who committed a suicide after taking bribes." "We should not elect someone who is mentally unstable as our leader." "President Roh was full of scandals, his legacy consists of political dichotomy, the anti-USA attitude, pro-North Korea attitude." "President Roh's suicide is nothing but a explosion of anger at himself as he was blaming his people for taking bribes and subsequent government prosecution." "Roh committed so much crime looking back. he should have lived a better life. Why do you regret now that you are dead? Commies, treat them better while they are still alive." [9]


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