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Manipuri Brahmins or Meitei Brahmins, also called Bamons by the locals, are those Brahmins who reside mostly in the valley areas of Manipur.


Manipuri Brahmin origins stretch as far as Gujarat to West Bengal, Bangladesh, Uttar Pradesh and Orissa.[1] Each Brahmin family within the community belongs to a specific gotra indicating their origin.

Ethnicity, origin and history[edit]

Manipuri Brahmins are the descendants of Indo-Aryan[2] people. Brahmins from different parts of India such as Bengal, Mithila, North India, and Orissa began to migrate to Manipur Valley in the 15th Century.[1] The migration from Bengal was possibly caused by Hindu persecution by Bengali Muslims.[3]


Manipuri Brahmins speak Meitei as their first language.


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