Manitoba College

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Manitoba College
Active 1877–1967
Affiliation Presbyterian
Location Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Manitoba College was a college that existed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada from 1871 to 1967, when it became one of the University of Manitoba's founding colleges. It was one of the first institutions of higher learning in the city of Winnipeg and the province of Manitoba. The first graduating class had 12 members.


Rock of Remembrance commemorates 100th anniversary of Manitoba College, pictured in front of the University of Winnipeg

Manitoba College, established in Winnipeg had a strong Presbyterian religious affiliation. Consolidation was a way to strengthen this small and financially insecure institution. The University Of Manitoba was established in 1877 by combining 3 existing church colleges St. Boniface College Roman Catholic; St John's Anglican and Manitoba College Presbyterian.[1]


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