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Highway 18 shield

Highway 18
Route information
Maintained by Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation
Length 64.6 km[citation needed] (40.1 mi)
Major junctions
South end ND 30 (Canada–United States border) near St. John, North Dakota
North end PTH 2 near Wawanesa
Turtle Mountain, Riverside, South Cypress
Towns Killarney, Ninette
Highway system

Manitoba provincial highways

PTH 17 PTH 19
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Provincial Highway 18 (also known as Highway 18 or PTH 18) by the Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation is a Regional Transportation Advisory Committee RTAC Route of Manitoba is a north–south highway in southern Manitoba. Beginning near St. John, North Dakota the route travels through Killarney and Ninette ending at Highway 2, 7.1 km southeast of Wawanesa. The RTAC route is capable of handling RTAC vehicles such as a truck, a truck and pony trailer, a truck and full trailer, a truck tractor and semi-trailer, an A-train, a B-train, or a C-train.[1]


PTH 18 was designated by 1928 from North Dakota to south of Killarney. In 1929, it extended north to Wawanesa, replacing PTH 19.

Route description[edit]


St. John, North Dakota Hwy 30 is the USA port of exit for travelers from the USA to Canada. The rural municipality of Turtle Mountain, Manitoba is located just south of the Turtle Mountains Provincial Park.[2] At the junction with PR 341 is the unincorporated area of Lena just north of the U.S.–Canada border which provides the Canadian port of entry for travellers from the United States. PTH 3 demarks the historic Boundary Commission Trail route which connected western communities to the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. It ran just south of the community. North-West Mounted Police used the trail, as they travelled west to the Rockies in an effort to tame the prairie. The town of Killarney in Manitoba's Westman Region is situated on the banks of the Killarney Lake. Killarney has been touted as Canada's best retirement community by Canadian Living Magazine.[3] Agriculture is the main economic mainstay of this region in south Manitoba drawing 1,500 tourists to the lake and cottage country in the summer.[2] The CPR intersects PTH 18 at Killarney. Ninette is featured north of Pelican Lake and south of the small Bone Lake. Ninette Marina and the Yacht club Marina provides boat launch and harbour on Pelican Lake, the largest water body of southwestern Manitoba. The CNR intersects PTH 18 at Ninette. Pelican Lake Agri Fair and The Pelican Lake Regatta are summer festivals at Ninette.[4]

Traffic Volume[edit]

PTH 18: AADT: annual average daily traffic
Intersection 1999 1995 1992 1989
AADT % Truck AADT % Truck AADT % Truck AADT % Truck
PR 341 325 11.1 400 11.1 310 11.1 300 11.1
PTH 23 760 7.2 900 7.2 770 7.2 880 7.2
PTH 2 598 8.8 620 8.8 610 8.8 730 8.8

AADT annual average daily traffic which is an estimate of typical daily traffic for all days of the week over a one-year period.

— Source: Manitoba Highways and Government Services, Manitoba Highway Traffic Information System., [5]

Major intersections[edit]

Division Location km[6] mi Destinations Notes
Continues as ND 30 south – Rolla
Killarney-Turtle Mountain 0 0.0 CanadaUnited States border
8.3 5.2 PR 341 west – Lena
9.9 6.2 PTH 3 east – Pilot Mound south end of PTH 3 overlap
19.2 11.9 PTH 3 west – Deloraine north end of PTH 3 overlap
28.6 17.8 PR 253 east – Pleasant Valley
Riverside 44.2 27.5 PTH 23 west – Minto, Hartney south end of PTH 23 overlap
Ninette 46.3 28.8 PTH 23 east – Belmont, Swan Lake north end of PTH 23 overlap
South Cypress 64.6 40.1 PTH 2 – Souris, Treherne
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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