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The Manitoba Liberal Party, a political party in the Canadian province of Manitoba, has chosen most of its leaders by delegated leadership conventions. Since 1993, the Manitoba Liberal Party has chosen its leaders by an open vote of party members, weighted by riding.

The party's first leader, Thomas Greenway, does not appear to have faced any formal opposition when he created the party in 1882/1883.

1906 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on March 28, 1906.)

1910 leadership convention[edit]

(Held April 5, 1910.)

1927 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on March 20, 1927.)

1931 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on June 26, 1931.)

Liberal-Progressive Party period[edit]

No leadership conventions were held during the existence of the Liberal-Progressive Party (1932–1961). John Bracken was leader of the Progressive Party of Manitoba when the Liberal-Progressive coalition was formed in 1932, and was subsequently recognized as the leader of the merged party. Stuart Garson was the unanimous choice of coalition Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) to replace Bracken, in a vote held on December 22, 1942.

In 1948, Douglas L. Campbell was selected as Premier by a vote among MLAs in the governing Liberal-Progressive/Progressive Conservative coalition, defeating Progressive Conservative leader Errick Willis.

1961 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on April 20, 1961.)

1969 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on May 10, 1969.)

1970 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on October 31, 1970.)

1975 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on February 22, 1975.)

1980 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on November 30, 1980.)

Bill Jackson was originally a candidate, but dropped out in October 1980. He had been considered a frontrunner.[1]

1984 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on, March 4, 1984.)

1993 leadership election[edit]

(Held on June 5, 1993.)

1996 leadership election[edit]

(Held on October 16, 1996.)

Had the results not been weighted by constituency, Lamoureux would have defeated Hasselfield by 1,019 votes to 997.

1998 leadership election[edit]

(Held on October 17, 1998.)

2013 leadership election[edit]

(Held on October 26, 2013)[2]

2017 leadership election[edit]

(To be held October 21, 2017, in Winnipeg)

First ballot[edit]

Gerrard eliminated, endorses Lamoureux

Second ballot[edit]

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