Minister of Business Development and Tourism (Manitoba)

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The Minister of Business Development and Tourism is a former cabinet in the province of Manitoba, Canada.

The position was originally created in 1978 as the Ministry of Economic Development. The sitting minister, Frank Johnston, was given additional responsibilities for tourism the following year. In 1983, the ministerial title was changed to Business Development and Tourism.

In 1988, the position was merged with portfolio Industry, Trade and Technology to create the new position of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

List of Ministers of Business Development and Tourism[edit]

  Name Party Took Office Left Office
  Frank Johnston(*)
Progressive Conservative October 20, 1978 November 30, 1981
  Muriel Smith(**)
New Democratic Party November 30, 1981 November 4, 1983
  Sam Uskiw
New Democratic Party November 4, 1983 January 30, 1985
  Jerry Storie(***)
New Democratic Party January 30, 1985 April 17, 1986
  Maureen Hemphill
New Democratic Party April 17, 1986 September 21, 1987
  Alvin Mackling
New Democratic Party September 21, 1987 May 9, 1988
  • Johnston was designated as Minister of Economic Development until November 15, 1979, and as Minister for Economic Development and Tourism thereafter.
  • Smith was designated as Minister for Economic Development and Tourism.
  • Storie was designated as Minister responsible for Business Development and Tourism. This was not a full cabinet portfolio during his tenure.