Manitoba Pool Elevators

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Manitoba Pool Elevators
Industry Agriculture
Fate Merged
Successor Agricore, Agricore United, Viterra
Defunct 1998
Headquarters Manitoba, Canada
Products Grain buying
Colin H. Burnell (1880-1946), Manitoba farmer, member of the Manitoba Grain Growers’ Association, president of the United Farmers of Manitoba, president of the Manitoba Wheat Pool, president of Manitoba Pool Elevators

Manitoba Pool Elevators was a grain trade company founded in 1924. It became a subsidiary of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool until November 1932, when the Pool declared bankruptcy. In 1998 Alberta Wheat Pool and Manitoba Pool Elevators merged to form Agricore Cooperative Limited. In 2001, United Grain Growers combined its business operations with Agricore Cooperative Ltd. and carried on business as Agricore United, a publicly traded company, no longer a farmer-owned cooperative. In 2007, Agricore United was taken over by the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, another publicly traded company. The merged corporation was renamed Viterra. [1]

Manitoba Pool and Federal Elevator in 1985, Cartwright.
Boissevain elevator mural.
Former Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator at Sperling.
Former Manitoba Pool Grain Elevator at Homewood.

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