Manki railway station

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Manki railway station
Coordinates14°10′29″N 74°29′37″E / 14.1747°N 74.4937°E / 14.1747; 74.4937Coordinates: 14°10′29″N 74°29′37″E / 14.1747°N 74.4937°E / 14.1747; 74.4937
Owned byIndian Railway
Line(s)Konkan Railway
Preceding station   Indian Railways   Following station
Konkan Railway
Manki is located in Karnataka
Location within Karnataka

Manki railway station is a station on Konkan Railway. It is at a distance of 587.608 km (365.1 mi) down from origin. The preceding station on the line is Honnavar railway station and the next station is Murdeshwar Railway Station.[1]


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