Mankki railway station

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VR station
Mankki rautatieasema1.jpg
Owned by Finnish Transport Agency
Platforms 2
Structure type ground station / halt
Closed 26 March 2016
Passengers (2005) 60-100 daily

Mankki railway station (Finnish: Mankin rautatieasema, Swedish: Mankby hållplats) was a station on the VR commuter rail network located in Espoo, Finland, between the stations of Kauklahti and Luoma. The station had two tracks, with track one serving trains towards Kirkkonummi and the other towards Helsinki. The platform in the direction of Helsinki is a very rare wooden pier. Mankki was the least used station in the Espoo area, with only 60-100 passengers per day before it′s closure. Because of very low number of passengers, the station was closed in 27 March 2016.[1]


Only the U and early morning/late night L trains between Kirkkonummi and Helsinki stopped at Mankki giving approximately an hourly service, but the faster S trains did not stop. The regional Y trains between Karis and Helsinki also passed through the station non-stop.


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Coordinates: 60°11′07″N 024°35′00″E / 60.18528°N 24.58333°E / 60.18528; 24.58333