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The logo of Manliftingbanner
Background information
Origin Haarlem, Netherlands
Genres Hardcore punk
Straight edge
Years active 1990-1993, 1998, 2008, 2012[1]
Labels Crucial Response Records
Associated acts Lärm, Seein Red
Members Paul van der Berg, Olav van der Berg, Michiel Bakker, Bart Griffioen, Johannes Adahl
Past members Lord Bigma,

Manliftingbanner is a Dutch, communist hardcore punk band. They are best known for their merging of the straight edge lifestyle and radical politics, particularly communism, anti-racism, gay rights, and the DIY ethic.[1][2] The band has been referred to as the first communist-straight edge band.[3] It was originally named Profound.[1] Due to the pretentious nature of their name, it was changed to Manliftingbanner after a Communist propaganda poster.[2]


All records were released on Crucial Response Records

  • 1991 - Myth of Freedom
  • 1992 - Ten Inches That Shook the World
  • 1995 - We Will Not Rest
  • 2012 - The Revolution Continues

Band Members[edit]

  • Bart - Bass
  • Paul - Guitar
  • Olav - Drums
  • Johannes - guitar
  • Michiel - Vocals

Former Members[edit]

  • Big - Guitar


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