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'Boys and their boards', by Ray Leighton (7694245386).jpg
The surf reel in the foreground features the Manly Life Saving Club logo.
Full name Manly Surf Life Saving Club
Founded 1903
Members 500 senior, 250 junior

The Manly Life Saving Club is one of Australia's oldest Surf Life Saving Clubs, founded in 1911.


The club was founded in 1911 to patrol Manly Beach after a law banning daylight swimming was overturned. The founding President of the club was James Bonner, also then Mayor of Manly.

Manly, Bondi Surf Bathers' Life Saving Club and Bronte Surf Lifesaving Club all claim to be the first in Australia (and the world), and the debate continues to this day.

The current club President is actor Tony Bonner, grandson of James Bonner.

Life Saving[edit]

The primary role of the club is to provide surf rescue, first aid and promote water safety on Manly Beach. Since 1911, no lives have been lost on the beach while the club has been on patrol.


The club also participates in beach, surf, and ocean competitive sporting activities.

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