Culture Palace (Tel Aviv)

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Culture Palace
Charles Bronfman Auditorium 2013 05 01.jpg
Location 2 Huberman street
Tel Aviv, Israel.
Type Concert hall
Seating type Reserved
Capacity 2,482
Opened 1957

The Culture Palace (Hebrew: היכל התרבות‎, Heichal Hatarbut), also known as the Charles Bronfman Auditorium, is a main concert hall in Tel Aviv, Israel, which was opened in 1957 at Habima Square. Architects were Dov Karmi, Zeev Rechter and Yaakov Rechter.

After a thorough renovation from 2011 on the former Fredric Mann Auditorium was reopened in May 2013 supervised by the architect Ofer Kolker

The Culture Palace (Heichal Hatarbut) concert hall after renovation.

It is home to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Leonard Bernstein conducted the inaugural concert, with pianist Arthur Rubinstein, as a soloist.

Coordinates: 32°04′25″N 34°46′48″E / 32.073643°N 34.779974°E / 32.073643; 34.779974

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