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Mannalargenna (c. 1770–1835), a Tasmanian Aborigine, was the chief of the Ben Lomond tribe (Plangermaireener). His wife was Tanleboneyer and he had five known children, a son, Neerhepeererminer and daughters Woretermoeteyenner, Wottecowidyer, Wobbelty and Teekoolterme.[1]

Following the arrival of the Europeans in the area, he led a guerrilla styled resistance attacks against British soldiers in Tasmania during the period known as the Black War. In 1829 he freed four aboriginal women and a boy from John Batman's house where they had been held for a year.[2]

While it seems as though he joined George Robinson's mission to persuade aboriginal people to "surrender", it is claimed that he was actually directing Robinson away from the people.[2] He was promised that if he helped Robinson he would not be sent to Flinders Island, but this promise was broken and he died in captivity at Wybalenna in 1835.


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