Mannanthala Anandavaleeswaram Temple

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Mannanthala Anandavalleshwaram Devi Temple is a Hindu temple in the Mannanthala suburb of Thiruvananthapuram, India.

Sri Narayana Guru : Spiritual Guru, One of the greatest Social reformers in India

Mannanthala Anandavalleshwaram temple situated near Main road,one Bus stop ahead of Mannanthala junction while
travelling from Trivandrum to Kottayam via MC road. This temple can easily identified by its North Indian
style architecture and presence of a Banyan tree near the temple.


In earlier days priests worshiped 'Bhadrakali'. They sacrificed animals to please the Devi. At that time this was
a common thing. One day Sree Narayana Guru came there. He raised his voice against this brutal and ancient act and stopped the
animal sacrifice at the temple. Here Guru made a new Prathista after the famous Aruvippuram Prathista. Later Guru advised the
Chief priest of the temple to worship Devi as 'Sree Parvathy'.Guru also wrote a poem,which hails the Devi, Known as
"Mannanthala Devi Stavam".From that day onwards Devi has been worshiped as 'Sree Parvathy'.

Present state[edit]

Now main deity is Devi Sree Parvathy. Lord Vinayaka, Lord Subramanya and Nagaraja are Sub deities. Temple opens at Five o clock and
closes around Ten o clock,in the morning,in normal days. Similarly temple opens at Five o clock and closes around Eight o clock
in the evening. Remember this timing is not valid for festival days. Different types of poojas are available at this temple. Priests
are selected from Ezhava Community.


The administration of this temple is carried out by a selected trust under SNDP Yogam.

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