Mannar, Alappuzha

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The Bell Metal Town
Mannar is located in Kerala
Location in Kerala, India
Mannar is located in India
Mannar (India)
Coordinates: 9°18′0″N 76°32′0″E / 9.30000°N 76.53333°E / 9.30000; 76.53333Coordinates: 9°18′0″N 76°32′0″E / 9.30000°N 76.53333°E / 9.30000; 76.53333
Country India
 • BodyPanchayath
 • OfficialMalayalam, English
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Vehicle registrationKL-31 or 30
Nearest cityAlappuzha
Lok Sabha constituencyMavelikara

Mannar is a small[citation needed] business town in Chengannur Taluk near Veeyapuram and Haripad in Alappuzha District of Kerala state, India, on State highway 6. It is also known as the Bell Metal Town.[1]


Mannar is located on the banks of the Pamba river, Manimala River and Achan kovil river. Mannar is 9 km from Chengannur, Thiruvalla, Haripad and 8 km from Mavelikara. It is connected by four railway stations (Chengannur, Thiruvalla, Harippad and Mavelikara) at a distance of 8 to 9 km each on four sides. Parumala Jn:, Kuttiyil Jn:, Muttel Jn:, Aalum moottil Jn:, Koyickal Jn: and Store Jn: are the main junctions in Mannar.

Historical Importance of Mannar[edit]

Mannar was the venue for the famous Treaty of Mannar ( Mannar Harmony Deed) signed between Maharaja of Travancore Marthanda Varma and Kayamkulam King in 1742. After this deed Kayamkulam and a major portion of central travancore became the part of Travancore Kingdom.

Krishna Temple, Mannar
Mahadheva Temple, Mannar
NSS School, Mannar


Traditional bronze metal industry[edit]

Mannar is well known for its bronze industry, as well as other metals. There are hundreds of traditional 'ALA'S'(kilns or furnaces)[1] in Mannar. There are many small-scale manufacturing establishments engaged in this business, employing traditional workers, where prospective buyers can visit, observe the making and then purchase the artefacts produced. The most important household utensil they used to make are kinnan (plates for taking foods like kanji and boiled rice), nilavilakk, uruLi, chempi (for par boiling paddy), kindi (a vessel for taking water for washing hands and feet). The most famous utensil makers were Chinkili Achari and Kollan Neelakantan Achari. There was an expert craftman Kurattiyil Neelakantan Achari, who made the minutest gold ornaments. Later industry shifted to manufacturing big size artefacts and Craftsmen from this town created many well known artefacts, such as a Varpu displayed at Delhi Museum, the lamp at Kuravilangad Church, the lamp of Chettikulangara Devi Temple, the bell at Simla Temple, the bell at Cathedral Church, New Delhi and a replica of famous tree of life and knowledge. This town is second only to market leader manufacturing city Moradabad.


Alind Switchgear Division[edit]

The Aluminium Industries Limited came into existence, on 2 January 1946, promoted by then Seshasayee Group with its Conductor Division set up in Kundra, Kerala under technical collaboration from the world-renowned ALCAN, Canada, The Aluminium Development Laboratories U.K. and ALCAN S.A., Zurich, Switzerland. Since then, Alind has produced more than a million kilometres of AAC, ACSR and AAAC conductors building the lifelines of power in India and aboard, and hence Alind could rightly call itself "The Power Movers." Presently Alind with its Corporate Office in Mumbai has manufacturing units located in the three states of Kerala, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh manufacturing cables and conductors, steel wires, wire-working machinery, high-voltage switchgears and static relays, Export Division, Consultancy and Engineering Services Division.[3]

Religious sites[edit]

Parumala Pally[edit]

  • Parumala Church(St Peters and St Pauls Orthodox Church) The church is a very famous pilgrim centre in India due to Tomb of St Gregorios Of Parumala, Who was the first declared saint in India. 1 and 2 November is the Feast of St Gregorios Parumala will attract Pilgrims from whole world.

The church is one of the biggest churches in India.The Parumala Seminary was started by St Gregorios of Parumala.

Religious sites in and around Mannar include the famous Panayannar kavu devi temple Panayannar kavu devi temple[permanent dead link], Mannar Puthenpally Juma Masjid(Town masjid), Thrikkuratti Mahadeva Temple, Mannar Juma Masjid, Kurattikkadu Pattambalam Devi Temple, Pattambalam, Eramathoor Mahadeva temple, Eramathoor Pattambalam Devi Temple, Eramathoor Suryadeva Temple, Oorumadom Bhadrakaali Temple, Vishavarsherikkara Subrahmanya Swami Temple, Thirppavor Mahavishnu Temple, Pothuvoor Bhadrakaali Temple, Viruppil Devi Temple, 553-no SNDP Pavukkara Temple, Edayadi Bhadrkaali Temple, Chakkulathu Kavu Devi Temple, Kunnathoor Devi Temple, Kottarkavu Devi temple, Kurattikkadu Vilayil Mahadeva Temple,72-No.SNDP Kurattikkadu Temple, Kurattikkadu Thevarickal Mahadeva Temple, Memadom Sreekrishnaswami Temple, Kurattikkadu Sree DharamShastha Temple, Kurattikkadu Mutharamman Devi Temple, Kurattikkadu Valiyachan Temple, Kurattikkadu Tevarmannam Temple, Kaleeckal Valiyachan Temple, Parumala Church, st.Thomas church Pavukkara, st.peters catholic church pavukkara, Valyachan Kavu Muttumpattu, Orthodox church Muttel Jn:.

Panayannarkavu temple is said to be thousands of year old. The ancient Panayannar Kavu devi temple, worshipping "Saptha Matha", is famous for its Sarpa kavu and mural painting drawn on Sricovil. One of these paintings became the cover page for Sri. E.M.S. Nampoothripad's biography (veteran Communist leader and ex-chief minister of Kerala). The annual Vishu Festival attracts many pilgrims.

The Aalthara Ganapathy temple at Kannamkavil Muthaaramman Temple, near Thrikkuratti temple attracts many devotees, in particular motorists. Vinayaga Chathurthy Festival is the major festival celebrated at Aalthara Ganapathy Temple. Manjal Neerattu conducted during Kumbha Bharani festival at Kannamkavil Mutharamman temple is a major attraction for many devotees.

The Eramathoor Soorya temple is believed to centuries old and is known for being one of the three known temples in Kerala dedicated to deity "Surya" (Sun God). The Adithya Ponkala conducted at this temple attracts lots of women devotees from South Kerala.

Thrikkuratti Mahadevar Temple[edit]

Thrikkuratti Mahadeva Temple is one of the 108 sivalays built by Lord Parasurama. It is believed that the mammoth temple compound wall was built by a troupe of Bhootas of Lord Paramasiva in one night. The unique festivities of Thrikkuratti temple (Sahasra kalasam, Maikatti puja and Sivarathri Nritham) attract many pilgrims. The antique wooden carving of Thrikkuratti mahadeva temple Sricovil was featured in visual media, attracting lot of art lovers including foreigners. At a special Nada (gate) on the east side of the Thrikkuratti temple compound wall, other religious members, in particular, Muslims, present offerings on a daily basis. This practice is believed to be centuries old and is considered to be a true embodiment of religious harmony. The Thrikkuratti Mahasivarathri Festival, second only to Aluva Sivarathri in terms of mass congregation, attracts thousands of devotees. The West Nada (Parvathi) will be open for ten minutes during Sivarathri Nritham on Sivarathri day only. All other days during the year it remains closed. The Srikovil of Thrikkuratti Mahavishnu temple is built on typical kerala style Architecture.

Kurattikadu Pattambalam Devi Temple[edit]

Kurattikadu Pattambalam Devi Temple

Kurattikkadu Mutharamman Devi Temple[edit]

Kurattikkadu Mutharamman Devi Temple

Parumala Valiya Panayannar Kavu Temple[edit]

Parumala Church[edit]

The famous Parumala church or St.Peter's and St.Paul's Church is dedicated to Saint Gregorios of Parumala (Gheevarghese Mar Gregorios of Parumala), who is also popularly known as ‘Parumala Thirumeni’. Parumala Church or St.Paul's and St.Peter's Church is located in east Mannar.

Valyachan kavu[edit]

Famous Valyachan kavu situated beside muttumpattu road.


Thrikkuratti Mahadeva temple shivarathri is celebrated as the biggest and famous event held in mannar every year.which attracts thousands of devotees.

The Anpoli conducted as part of festival in Devi temples are another attraction and unique one. Among the Anpoli festivals Anpoli Areeppara Mahothsavam of Kurattikkadu Pattambalam Devi Kshethram is the most famous, attracting thousands of devotees on Medam 24th (7 May). Here Bhuvaneswari and Bhadra are worshipped with equal importance. The festival at Pattambalam starts on Medam 10th (23 April) and ends on Medam 25th (8 May). The festival includes several rituals like AttilChattam, Changayilottam, Vithideel which aren't practised anywhere else in the world. Among these AttilChattam attracts Muslim devotees also.

The annual Mahathma Boat Race, conducted during Onam festival season, attracts lot of visitors and water sports lovers including foreigners.


Mannar has well known educational institutions like Dewaswom Board Pampa College, Nair Samajam Higher Secondary School, Nair Samajam Teacher Training Institute, Nair Samajam High Schools (one of the oldest schools in Central Travancore), Sree Bhuvaneswari English Medium School and Good Shepherd School. The Mannar Library at Kuttiyil Junction is a full-fledged library, equipped with lot of reference books. Mannar Nair Samajam School was started in the year 1903. It was established by the initiative of Vechooreth V S Krishna Pillai who had stated it first in his house with 20 pupils in 1902. Old stalwarts like Puthuppally Krishna Pillai, Kainikara Brothers, Makkappuzha Vasudevan Pillai and many great leaders studied there. K P Krishna Menon was the Second Headmaster of the School, the First being Cherian Sar, father of erstwhile Minister George. There was no discremionation between the high class and harijans for studying in the schools. Fees concessions were also given to the poor students.

Sree Bhuvaneswari Higher Secondary School[edit]

Sree Bhuvaneswari Higher Secondary School, managed by the Kurattikadu Pattambalam Devaswam, was founded in 1974 with LKG classes and has now grown into a cluster of schools comprising the Sree Bhuvaneswari Sisu Vidyalayam: the nursery, Sree Bhuvaneswari English Medium High School, Sree Bhuvaneswari Higher Secondary School and Sree Bhuvaneswari CBSE School.

N.S.H.S. For Boys, Mannar[edit]

Nair Samajam High School For Boys, Mannar Panchayat, Mannar, Alleppy Dist. Kerala State Syllabus : STATE Medium : Malayalam class: 5-10

N.S.H.S. For Girls, Mannar[edit]

Nair Samajam High School For Girls, Mannar Panchayat, Mannar, Alleppy Dist. Kerala State Syllabus : STATE Medium : Malayalam

M.D.L.P.School, Muttel Junction[edit]

Mannar Syrian Lower Primary School, Muttel Junction, Kuttemperoor P.O., Mannar, Alleppy Dist. Kerala Syllabus : STATE Medium : Malayalam

M.D.L.P.School, Pavukkara[edit]

Pavukkara PO, Mannar, Alleppy Dist. Kerala Syllabus : STATE Medium : Malayalam

D.B College Parumala Mannar[edit]

D.B College Parumala Mannar

Government Youth Organisation[edit]

National Service Scheme Mannar Unit:470[edit]

National Service Scheme 470 unit is situated in Nair Samajam Higher Secondary School Mannar. There are 100 volenteers are in this NSS Unit

Government Services[edit]

Mannar Grama Panchayat[edit]

Mannar Grama Panchayat

Office of The Inspector of Police, Mannar

Mannar Village Office[edit]

Mannar Post Office[edit]

Mannar Telephone Exchange[edit]

Government Hospitals[edit]

Govt. General Hospital[edit]

Govt. Ayurveda Hospital[edit]

Government Hospital Mannar is a community health near store junction. a faculty of crs doctors and medical officers. has a capacity to look around 342 people per day. it has very good in patient setup with more than 25 beds.


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