Mannargudi Mallinatha Swamy Jain Temple

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Mannargudi Mallinatha Swamy Jain Temple
Mannargudi Mallinatha Swamy Jain Temple
Mannargudi Mallinatha Swamy Jain Temple, Tamil Nadu
Basic information
Location Mannargudi, Tamil Nadu, India
Affiliation Jainism
Deity Māllīnātha
Festivals Mahavir Jayanti
Date established 12th Century

Mallinatha Swamy Temple is a Jain temple in Mannargudi, an ancient town in the erstwhile Chola Empire of Tamil Nadu. Mallinatha is the 19th Tirthankara of the Jain faith.


This is an ancient temple built during the reign of the Chola dynasty in the twelfth century. It is very famous among all the ancient tirths of Tamil Nadu. Apart from the idol of Bhagawan Mallinathar which is divine and very impressive there are idols of Dharma Devi, Saraswathi Devi, Padmavathy Devi, Jawalamalini Amman and other in the temple which are also miraculous and impressive. Every year during the summer 11 day festival i.e. Thiruvizha or Bramorchavam will be celebrated in grand manner. Currently in Tamil Nadu it's happening in very few Jain temples. Last two days of the festival is very famous. 11th day Thiruvizha is called "Kannadi Pallkku", in this Sri Jawalamaini Amman will give darshan to the devotees. No other Jain temples in Tamil Nadu is having this unique Pallkku. Jainism flourished in Tamil Nadu and was called Samanam in Tamil. Samanam predates all faith of Tamil People. There are plenty of archeological evidences dating back to 250 BC, in the outskirts of all ancient towns. Jain Munis or The Samana Munivargal traveled from north passing through karnataka and settled in outskirts of the flourishing towns of those days and established Samana Palli's or Jain Schools with the patronage of the well to do wealthy people of that town. Most of the early Tamil literature were contribution of these Samana munivars.

Railway Station[edit]

The nearest railway station is Mannargudi, hardly one km from the temple.


Shri Mallinath Bhagawan Jain Temple, Jain Sannidhi Street, Mannargudi, Thiruvarur District-614 001 State : Tamilandu, India. This town is well connected by nearest towns. Kumabakonam and Thanjavur is around 35 km only.


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