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Kanhirappuzha Dam
Nickname(s): Gateway to silent valley
Mannarkkad is located in Kerala
Mannarkkad is located in India
Location in Kerala, India
Coordinates: 10°59′N 76°28′E / 10.98°N 76.47°E / 10.98; 76.47Coordinates: 10°59′N 76°28′E / 10.98°N 76.47°E / 10.98; 76.47
Country  India
State Kerala
District Palakkad District
 • Type Municipality
 • Body Municipality
 • Total 32 km2 (12 sq mi)
Area rank 24
Elevation 76 m (249 ft)
 • Total 44,000
 • Density 1,400/km2 (3,600/sq mi)
Demonym(s) Mannarkkadans
 • Official Malayalam
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Telephone code + 91 (0) 4924
Vehicle registration KL-50
Silent Valley Road

Mannarkkad, formerly known as Mannarghat, is the fastest growing municipal town in Palakkad district of Kerala State, South IndiaNew vehicle register 17 1 2017


Mannarkkad is a commercial hub and also the base camp for many tourist destinations like Attappady,silent valley,Siruvani etc It is the headquarters of Mannarkkad Taluk,Mannarkkad educational district,Divisional forest head quarters and is one of the largest revenue Taluks in Kerala. Mannarkkad city is entirely different from other cities in kerala its lies between two rivers and ghat road can be seen inside the city.Mannarkkad experienced the British and tippu sultan invasion.


The old British iron bridge is the great example for British invasion and the Tippu sultan road is for the memory of tippu's invasion. This place was originally part of the Valluvanad Swaroopam dynasty.[1] Reference may be given to the Chronological History of Malabar of C. Radhakrishnan wherein he has described the involvement and importance of Mannarghat Muppil Nair @ Kunnathatt Madambil Nair who possessed the Attappady Hills and managed Udarkunnu Bhagavathi Temple situate in Arakurssi Village (Now Mannarkkad I village in revenue records) Valluvanad was an erstwhile late medieval feudal state in present state of Kerala in South India extending from the Bharathapuzha River in the south to the Pandalur Mala in the north during their zenith in the early Middle Ages. On the west, it was bounded by the Arabian Sea at the port Ponnani and on the east by Attappadi Hills. According to local legends, the last Later Chera ruler gave a vast extension of land in South Malabar to one of their governors, Valluvakkonithiri and left for a hajj. The Valluvakkonithiri was also given last Later Chera ruler's shield (presumably to defend himself from the sword received by the Samoothiri (Zamorin) of Kozhikode, another governor, from the departing ruler). Not surprisingly, the Vellatiri rajas were hereditary enemies of the Samoothiri.[1] Valluvanad is famous for the Mamankam festivals, held once in 12 years and the endless wars against the Samoothiri of Kozhikode. By the late 18th century, Vellatiri or Walluwanad proper was the sole remaining territory of the Walluvanad raja (Valluva Konatiri), who once exercised suzerain rights over a large portion of Southern Malabar. Although management of the country was restored to the Vellatiri raja in 1792, it soon became evident that he was powerless to repress the trouble that quickly broke out between Mapillas (favored by the Mysorean occupiers) and nayars (who sought to restore the ancien régime), and already in 1793 management of the district had to be resumed as the chief and his family fled to Travancore.[1]


Even though Mannarkkad is a small city the cultural harmony is like a metropolitan city the settlers from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andra Pradesh, Goa and North India can be seen in this city who spokes multiple languages and the high range of Mannarkkad consists of settlers from south kerala especially from kottayam,pathanamthitta,alappuzha districts and the tribals like irulars, mugudars, kurumba etc. can be seen here. Mannarkkad is an Agricultural market the main products include rubber, plantain, cinnamon, pepper etc. many branded showrooms like chemmanur jewellers, Alukkas, Beauty Mark gold, Lamiya silks, Mullas wedding centre, Planet fashion etc are seen. It is expected great changes is going to happen here after the completion of major byepass in mannarkkad. It will change the structure of the city.


It is situated 40 km north-east of the district headquarters Palakkad, on the way to Kozhikode (NH 213) and in the foothills of the Western Ghats. Silent Valley (a tropical evergreen rain forest with an unbroken evolutionary history of 50 million years) is only 35 km from Mannarkkad and also the Well Known Tourist Place Kanjirappuzha Dam is only 12 km from Mannarkkad.


Mannarkkad is located at 10°59′N 76°28′E / 10.98°N 76.47°E / 10.98; 76.47.[2] It has an average elevation of 76 m (249 ft).

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Mannarkkad assembly constituency is part of Palghat (Lok Sabha constituency).[3] MB Rajesh is the present MP and N Shamsudheen is the Present MLA of Mannarkkad.Mannarkkad taluk conisists of Mannarkkad Municipality, Kumaramputhur, Kottopadam, Alanallur, Agali, Puthur, Sholyur, Thenkara.


Mannarghat town connects to other parts of India through Palakkad city. National Highway No. 544 connects to Coimbatore and Bangalore. Other parts of Kerala is accessed through National Highway No. 66 going through Thrissur. Calicut International Airport, Cochin International Airport and Coimbatore Airport are the nearest airports. Shoranur Junction railway station is the nearest major railway station.


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