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Mannheim Forum
Career, Congress, Contact
Formation 2012
Type Not-for-profit (NGO)
Student society
Legal status Active
Purpose Discussion platform for contemporary topics
Official language
English and German

The Mannheim Forum is an economic congress organized exclusively by students of the University of Mannheim and is among the largest collegiate events in Germany with more than 500 participants each year. During the Mannheim Forum various events take place on Mannheim's main campus - the Mannheim Palace in Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Besides topical speeches by renowned people, the participants also have the opportunity to attend the Recruiting Fair, as well as participate in several company workshops. During the panel discussions the audience can discuss with several top tier personalities from the worlds of business, economics, society and politics. Under the topic „(Without) Borders?“, the next Forum will take place, under the patronage of the state Baden-Württemberg and its Minister-President Winfried Kretschmann.[1][2][3][4]


Frank Plasberg, Paul Achleitner and Peer Steinbrück on Mannheim Forum 2014

In 2012, the student initiative Mannheim Forum was founded by the three largest student initiatives at Mannheim's campus: Arbeitskreis Börse (AKB), MTP - The Marketing Initiative, and PoliMotion - The Politics Initiative.[5] The idea and goal behind the initiative was to establish an event that enable participants and students of different branches of study to engage in dynamic dialog with representatives of politics, science and economics about specific issues that are relevant in today's world. The first event organized by the initiative was the panel discussion in 2012 between Mannheim professors of different disciplines and company representatives about the topic "EU - Economic Poliy - Quo Vadis?!". The event received positive responses from both students and participants alike. From then on, the students'aim was to establish this event on a larger scale under the name "Mannheim Forum" as a fixed annual event at the University of Mannheim. The first "Mannheim Forum" was then conducted in 2013 under the topic of “Resources – 6 Perspectives: Economy, Ethics, Security, Politics, Technology and Startups”, and was followed by annual events in the years 2014-2016, the next event will take place in spring 2017.[6][7]


Mannheim Forum 2014 flag in front of the University of Mannheim

Mannheim Forum is mainly organized by students in their first and second academic term (nevertheless it is open to every student at UMA) bringing in new ideas and fresh perspectives, but are supported and financed by external partners, including McKinsey & Co., SAP AG, PWC, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Lufthansa, Reckitt Benckiser, HSBC, Deloitte, Heidelberg Cement, Hoffmann-La Roche as well as the Mannheim Business School and alumni - who ensure that knowledge based on experience is used and implemented.[8] Furthermore, the Mannheim Forum holds close cooperations with other student initiatives at the University of Mannheim, like MTP, Arbeitskreis Börse and POLImotion.[9][10]

Topics of former conferences[edit]

  • 2016: (Ohne) Grenzen? ((Without) Borders?)
  • 2015: ZeitFragen (Time Questions: Politics, Economy, Society and Science)
  • 2014: Macht und Verteilung (Power - Who possess power? Is there a fair distribution of power in today's world?)
  • 2013: Ressourcen und Nachhaltigkeit (Resources and Sustainability)
  • 2012: EU - Wirtschaftspolitik- Quo Vadis? (EU - Economic Poliy - Quo Vadis?)

Selected speakers[edit]

In the past the Mannheim Forum was host to speakers from a broad range of fields, speakers included:[11][12][13][14]

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