Mannheim Harbour

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Mühlau harbour, container terminal on right
Map of the harbour

Mannheim Harbour is a river port on the Rhine in Mannheim and is one of the most important inland ports in Europe. The port covers 2.68 square kilometres of water and 8.63 km² of dockland. In 2005, 8.1 millions tonnes of freight were loaded and unloaded in the port and 2.4 millions tonnes of freight was railed to or from it. About 500 enterprises with 20,000 jobs are established on the dockland. In 1968 it opened the first container terminal in an inland port. It also has roll-on/roll-off berths. Since 1991 it has had a Kombinierter Ladungsverkehr ("combined freight transport") terminal, which handles freight in various standardised units for carriage by rail, road and inland transport.

Coordinates: 49°31′01″N 8°28′03″E / 49.51694°N 8.46750°E / 49.51694; 8.46750