Manning Island

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Manning Island
AntDotMap Manning.png
Location of Manning Island
Location Antarctica
Coordinates 69°21′18.0″S 76°19′59.9″E / 69.355000°S 76.333306°E / -69.355000; 76.333306
Population 0

Manning Island is an island in the vicinity of Antarctica, at 69°21′18.0″S 76°19′59.9″E / 69.355000°S 76.333306°E / -69.355000; 76.333306. It was named after surveyor Graeme Manning, in honor of his work in Antarctica. The Lars Christensen expedition of 1936-1937 photographed it from the air, calling it Viksy (Bay Island).

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  1. ^ Administered under the Antarctic Treaty System

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